Off Duty Indiana State Police Detective Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Crash


An Indiana State Police detective was seriously injured the morning of Saturday, August 10th in an off duty motorcycle crash along I-465 just south of I-69 on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

According to a statement from Indiana State Police, Philip “Andy” Byers, a 24-year veteran of the department, was riding his personal motorcycle heading south on I-465 when a car in the next lane collided with the bike, causing Byers to hit the rear end of a semi trailer just before 8:30 a.m.

Philip Andy Byers

The vehicles were approaching slowing traffic in the INDOT construction zone when the crash occurred.

Byers, who was wearing a helmet, sustained critical injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

Police believe none of the drivers involved were under the influence of alcohol.

At Tabor Law Firm, we know that too often there is a prejudice against motorcyclists, and we do everything we can to negate that prejudice. With a deep knowledge of Indiana motorcycle laws—including the state’s helmet law—we set out to secure the most accurate accounts of the accident through a rigorous investigation process.

A motorcycle has the same rights as a passenger vehicle. However, these kinds of cases often come with a variety of challenges that are unique to motorcyclists, like inaccurate witnesses regarding speed, jury biases, and complicated injuries. For example, in Indiana, an adult rider is not required by law to wear a helmet. This can result in catastrophic head trauma and traumatic brain injuries in the event of a collision. Such injuries require extensive, lifelong medical treatment and ongoing care.

We’ve already seen multiple serious automotive collisions in construction zones this summer in Indiana. It would appear to us that INDOT is clearly not doing enough to notify motorist that they are entering a construction zone. We hope that with plans for other construction projects this summer that INDOT will take a look at other practices on how they can make these zones safer for motoring Hoosiers.

For 40+ years, Tabor Law Firm has been a serious advocate for the law enforcement in the State of Indiana. Whether they are hurt on the job, or injured an accident, we are they for them and their families. We partnered with both the Indiana State Police Alliance and the Indiana Sheriff’s Association created scholarship funds for the children of law enforcement officers.

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