Marion County Personal Injury Attorneys

Marion County Personal Injury Attorneys

As the center of the state and the home of Indianapolis, Marion County is Indiana’s most populous county. Several major freeways and state roads bring traffic in and out of Marion County every day, and various businesses both employ Marion County workers and attract visitors to the area.

All this activity provides a thriving economy and a great place to live and raise a family. Yet it can increase the risk of injury as well. When so many people live, work, and play close to one another, each must use reasonable care to prevent injury to others. When a person or company fails to use reasonable care, their negligence can cause serious harm to another person.

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Marion County Injury Statistics

Injuries come from a wide range of sources. Some of the most common injury causes in Marion County and Indianapolis come from auto accidents and third party work-related injuries.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year nationwide. This category includes truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents. It also includes crashes caused by drunk, drugged, or distracted driving.

In Marion County in 2020, the state recorded 28,701 total auto crashes. These crashes resulted in 148 auto accident deaths. They included 338 crashes involving motorcycles, 2,651 crashes caused by speeding, and 341 collisions in which at least one person was drunk. Overall, only about 84 percent of those involved in crashes were wearing a seatbelt at the moment of impact.

Indianapolis saw the highest number of crashes in Marion County in 2020. Lawrence, Speedway, and Beech Grove also saw a higher-than-usual number of crashes. Over 2,300 of the 2020 car accidents, or nearly 10 percent of the total, occurred on rural roads.

Work-Related Injuries

The rate of work-related injuries in Indiana has been dropping steadily since the early 1990s thanks to greater efforts at protecting workers from harm. Despite these efforts, however, the workplace injury rate is not zero - as you know if you or a loved one has suffered injuries.

In 2020, approximately 3.1 workers out of every 100 suffered an on-the-job injury in Indiana. Put another way, about 73,800 workers in Indiana experienced a non-fatal injury at work in 2020.

The injury itself isn’t the only cost for workers. Nearly 60 percent of these injuries required workers to take one or more days off work or to accept a job transfer or restriction. Days away from work, on restricted duty, or in a different role can all cost your family money in the form of lost wages.

Workers’ compensation offers the first line of compensation for injured Indiana employees. However, many injured workers do not know that they have two separate claims, one being workers compensation and the other is a potential third-party claim against the wrongdoer that caused the injury. Workers’ compensation doesn’t address harm from third parties like manufacturers of defective equipment or other drivers who cause a crash, for instance. It also does not cover independent contractors. In these instances, Indiana workers often need help from an experienced attorney for their personal injury.

These aren’t the only types of injuries or events someone might experience in Marion County. Many other sources of injury or negligence could cause harm as well.

Common Types and Causes of Personal Injuries

Personal injury cases may arise anytime that the negligence of one party causes injury to another. If one party’s negligence results in someone else’s death, a wrongful death claim may be able to be pursued.

Common personal injury and wrongful death case types in Marion County include:

  • Aviation Accidents. Marion County is home to two of Indiana’s airports, making aviation accidents a risk in the area.
  • Bicycle Injuries. Bicyclists have a right to use the roads and a duty to follow road rules just like any other vehicle. When others don’t take care to share the road, however, serious harm can result.
  • Bus Accidents. Bus riders trust drivers and bus companies to transport them safely - and when drivers or companies betray that trust, an injury may happen.
  • Dog Bites. Indiana dog owners have a duty to use reasonable care to restrain dogs and prevent injuries. These owners may be liable for harm if their dogs bite or attack.
  • Medical Malpractice. Negligence in providing medical care can cause serious harm. A person may not receive the correct diagnosis, may receive the wrong treatment, or may otherwise suffer serious harm.
  • Motorcycle Crashes. Like bicycles, motorcycles have a right to use public roads - and others on the road have a duty to drive safely to prevent injuries.
  • Pedestrian Accidents. Pedestrians also have a right to travel on Marion County roads, crosswalks, and sidewalks. Both pedestrians and drivers must take due care to avoid colliding.
  • Premises Liability Claims. The owners of businesses and homes have a duty to keep the premises reasonably safe for customers and visitors. When they fail to meet this duty, harm can result.
  • Semi Truck Crashes. Millions of pounds of semi-truck cargo pass through Marion County each day. Sharing the road safely becomes more challenging when semi trucks are present - and failure to take due care can result in harm.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents. Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common types of workplace and at-home injuries. They are often preventable with due care.
  • Train Accidents. At the “crossroads of America,” Marion County also hosts several train lines. Trains play a vital role in transporting passengers and cargo - and they can cause serious harm during a derailment, crash, or other accident.
  • Workplace injuries. Construction and manufacturing are common industries for accidents, but any worker may be injured on the job.

These accidents and events can cause a wide range of injuries. Some of the most common types of injury include:

Some accidents cause several different types of injuries at once. Other sources of injury and injury types can occur as well. If you or a loved one has been injured and you suspect someone else’s negligence is to blame, talk to an experienced attorney at the Tabor Law Firm today.

What Happens in a Personal Injury Case?

Indiana personal injury and wrongful death claims are subject to the statute of limitations, which limits the time an injured person has to bring their claim. In Indiana, an injured person has two years from the date of injury to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in court. Although there are certain circumstances where the statute of limitations could be shorter.

The first step in any personal injury or wrongful death claim is to speak to an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney. Reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. If you miss the two-year deadline, you may not be able to seek compensation through a lawsuit.

When you look for a lawyer, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Experience. Does the attorney have experience handling cases like yours - cases where people suffered injuries like the ones you have or experienced accidents like the ones you endured? Did the attorney succeed in those cases?
  • Communication. Does the attorney listen to your questions? Do you receive answers you understand? If you don’t understand an answer, is the attorney willing to explain differently so that you can understand?
  • Clarity. Is the attorney willing to talk about how they will be paid? Can you see the terms in writing before you agree to hire the lawyer - so that you know what, if anything, it will cost you to work with this lawyer?

Many personal injury lawyers work “on contingency.” This means that you do not pay any fees out of pocket if the lawyer doesn’t recover any compensation for you. If the lawyer does succeed on your behalf, the contingency agreement will explain how the lawyer is paid, 一usually from the verdict or settlement the lawyer helped you get.

While all experienced attorneys prepare as if they’ll have to go to trial, most personal injury claims in Indiana don’t go to trial. Instead, they’re settled through negotiation. While an experienced lawyer will fight for a full and fair settlement, the lawyer cannot accept a settlement for you or force you to accept one. You will always have the final say.

Where to Turn For Help

After a serious accident or injury, you may feel overwhelmed, worried, or angry. You may fear for your future and worry about how you’ll support your loved ones. You may never have dealt with the legal system before and feel overwhelmed at the idea of filing a claim now.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many injured people experience the same difficult, conflicting feelings - and many feel as if they have no options, power, or hope. Yet you can get answers and guidance by speaking to an experienced Marion County personal injury lawyer.

At Tabor Law Firm, our team will help you understand your rights. We help our clients fight to recover the full, fair amount of compensation they deserve so that they can focus on moving forward. To learn more, contact us today.

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