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The average full-sized bus weighs nearly 40,000 pounds. Because of this, collisions involving buses tend to have catastrophic consequences for anyone involved – including permanent injuries and death. There are many factors that lead to bus accidents, and many of them are avoidable. Driver negligence, distracted driving, poor maintenance, poor training, drugs or alcohol use, and malfunctioning equipment are all leading causes in bus crashes.

Tabor Law Firm has experience handling claims involving all types of buses across Indiana, including school buses, private coaches, and public transportation buses. We assist injured bus passengers, as well as third-party victims, such as other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. With more than a century of combined legal experience, our Indianapolis bus accident lawyers are prepared to help you navigate the legal system from start to finish.

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Determining Fault in Your Bus Accident Case

Much like in other types of motor vehicle accident cases, we begin our investigation by looking into all potentially liable parties. While it may seem obvious that a bus driver caused the accident, most are operating the vehicle under the employment of a larger company or entity. Because of this, there may be several liable parties.

In most cases, bus companies have insurance coverage for both themselves and their bus operators. That means the bus company will dedicate considerable resources to limiting their overall exposure. At Tabor Law Firm, we know how to level the playing field. With us on your side, you will have a powerful legal advocate in your corner.

During our in-depth investigation, we’ll look at various factors, including:

  • Who is responsible for the accident? We will want to examine all evidence, including your bus ticket and any police reports, to establish who is at fault in a timely manner. We will work with outside experts to help conduct our investigation. We have a nationwide network of experts at the top of their fields whom we can call on.
  • Where did the bus accident occur? It is also important to discuss where the bus accident happened. For example, if your accident happened outside of Indiana, we will look to apply the laws of the state in which the bus collision occurred. At Tabor Law Firm, we can help you no matter where your accident happened.
  • What observations did you make? We will talk about where you were seated in the bus at the time of the crash, and also discuss anything unusual you may have noticed about the bus or bus driver. Bus accident cases tend to be complex, so every detail matters. It is important to tell your lawyer everything you can remember.

Common carriers are governed by federal and state laws, with requirements that range from monitoring safety and performance to proper licensing for bus operators. Drivers and their employers have a responsibility to ensure that all inspections are complete, not only for the vehicle carrying passengers, but also for the bus driver.

Additionally, the fact that a bus was involved in an accident is not sufficient evidence that the bus driver was at fault. Bus accidents often involve at least one other vehicle and at-fault party. When a crash involving a bus occurs, the legal claims are often complex, involving both private and public defendants and multiple injured victims.

Special Considerations in Bus Accident Cases

Bus accidents involve unique factors that can make filing a claim more difficult.

First, it is important to understand that even though buses are generally safe, they pose an increased risk of injury. Buses are prone to tipping and rolling over, and passengers typically do not have access to seat belts, airbags or other safety mechanisms. When combined, these two aspects can lead to severe injuries for passengers.

Another challenge is that it may be difficult for injured parties to determine who was at fault for the accident. If the bus driver caused the crash, there is no guarantee that he or she is the appropriate person to file a claim against. Some buses are considered government property, including school buses and city public transit vehicles.

If the bus involved in your accident was government property, you may need to file a claim with the federal or state agency that regulates the bus and its drivers. When filing a claim against a government entity, a "notice to file form" must be submitted within 180 or 270 days depending on the situation. The state of Indiana should respond back to the notice within 90 days. It would be helpful to work with an attorney who can ensure your claim includes the correct information and paperwork, and that it's filed within an appropriate amount of time.

If the driver of another vehicle caused your bus accident, you may have the right to file a claim with that driver's insurance provider. Regardless of who or what caused your accident, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages, including medical bills, lost income, property damage, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Who Pays for My Medical Bills After a Bus Accident?

If you were a passenger on a bus, and the bus driver was at fault for a collision, you will need to make arrangements with your health insurance carrier to pay your bills until your case is resolved against the bus company. Oftentimes, your health insurance carrier will want to be reimbursed as soon as the case is settled. Tabor Law Firm can advise you on how to get your medical bills paid while your claim is pending, as well as all other aspects of your case.

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If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to the negligence of a bus driver or bus company, talk to Tabor Law Firm, LLP today. Our bus accident lawyers in Indianapolis have the experience needed to help you secure the fair compensation you deserve. We have extensive knowledge of the specific rules and regulations governing bus safety, and we work diligently to gather evidence, identify all liable parties, and recover compensation on your behalf.

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