Personal Injury Lawyers in Bedford

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Bedford

After an accident, you need more than medical help. You need someone who can advise you on the appropriate legal actions to take to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. No one understands this better than our team at Tabor Law Firm.

Backed by over a century of collective experience and tens of millions of dollars in settlements, we know what it takes to win a personal injury lawsuit—and we’re here to help you do exactly that. With our team on your side, you can comfortably focus on recovering from your injuries while we handle the logistics of investigating the accident, dealing with the insurance company, and more.

Our Missionation Entails

We've worked with many experts on bicycle cases, including design experts and visibility experts who can assist us in evaluating your case. Because we know how important recovering compensation is for meeting your needs, our Indianapolis bicycle accident lawyers dedicate the resources necessary to build a strong case.

  • the representation you want;
  • the direction you need; and
  • the recovery you deserve.

We are more than just attorneys; we are your legal advocates and professional allies, working towards one common goal: Helping you and your family recover after an accident that has seriously impacted your way of life. To read our full mission statement, click here.

Cases We Handle

Our full-service personal injury law firm handles everything from premises liability cases to work-related injuries to wrongful death claims. If you or someone you love was seriously injured in an accident caused by a negligent or reckless third party, we’re here to help you recover damages.

Contact us for help with any of the following:

Accident victims who suffer from catastrophic, life-altering injuries deserve maximum compensation, and we’re here to help ensure they get it. When we represent a case, we tackle every aspect of it. The compensation we seek reflects more than just the physical and property damages experienced. We also seek financial retribution to cover the costs of:

  • pain and suffering;
  • mental and emotional anguish;
  • present and future medical expenses;
  • lost wages and/or lost earning capacity;
  • permanent disability and/or disfigurement;
  • loss of consortium and/or loss of companionship;
  • household services needed during time of recovery;

Once we’re thoroughly familiar with the specifics of your case and the damages it cost you, we can better assess the economic value of your recovery. At that time, we can also evaluate the need for any additional damages that may apply to your case.

You Have Limited Time to File a Claim or Lawsuit. Act Now!

The civil statute of limitations in Indiana is 2 years from the date (or discovery) of the injury. This means, in most cases, you have only 2 years from the date of your accident to take legal action.

We highly recommend acting quickly; the more time that elapses after an accident, the more difficult it becomes to investigate, find key witnesses, and uncover the small details that support your case in a big way.

To get started today, call us at (317) 236-9000 or fill out our online message form. A member of our Bedford personal injury team will be in contact shortly.

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