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If you have been involved in an accident or lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, you likely have many questions. The legal process can be daunting, and many people are unsure of where to begin. At Tabor Law Firm, we believe in keeping our clients informed from the moment they reach out to us with their claim. Here, our lawyers have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about personal injury and wrongful death cases. Browse our personal injury FAQs or give us a call to discuss the specifics of your situation with one of our lawyers. We assist clients throughout Indiana with all types of complex cases.

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  • Do I need an attorney?

    If you are hurt or grieving the loss of a loved one due to someone else's negligence and you wish to take action to recover compensation, there can be no mincing of words—you need a lawyer in your corner. And the lawyer you choose will have a large effect on whether you get the recovery you deserve.

    Most of us want to assume the insurance company will be fair and take care of anyone who was harmed by one of their insureds. When an insurance adjuster calls you after your accident or loss and says they want to "help you out," you want to assume they mean it. Then you hear the amount of compensation they want to give you and you're deeply disappointed that you gave them the benefit of the doubt. How will you be able to afford your ongoing medical bills and time away from work?

    Your lawyer will handle everything. In addition to talking to the insurance companies, your lawyer will guide and counsel you through every step of the legal system. Your attorney will help you avoid making any mistakes or missing any deadlines that could hurt your case.

  • How much is my case worth?

    One of the most common questions we hear from people during their initial consultation is how much money their case is worth. That is never an easy question to answer. Without question, it cannot be answered until we know all of the harms and losses you have experienced to date, as well as the losses you will experience in the future.

    When you turn to Tabor Law Firm, we get to work quickly investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the event in order to make an educated determination of the full amount of compensation you deserve for your losses. We have a nationwide network of experts at the tops of their fields to help us evaluate all of your past, present, and future losses.

    We will look at factors like:

    • Your present and long-term medical needs: For many serious injuries, you will need more than just your past medical bills paid. There may be future surgeries, physical therapy, expensive medications, and the installation of adaptive equipment in your home, which need to be addressed at the time you resolve your case.
    • The insurance coverage of the other party: In truck accidents, most trucking companies have larger insurance coverage because in trucking collisions, there are usually very substantial losses. If the at-fault driver who hit you was underinsured or uninsured, we can seek out other avenues of recovery funds that you need.
    • Funeral and burial expenses: If you lost a loved one, you should not have to bear the expensive costs of burying your loved one alone. Indiana's wrongful death statute specifically addresses reimbursement for these out-of-pockets expenses.
    • Lost wages: This will depend on how long you will be out of work or when you have lost a loved one, a computation of the amount of income your loved one would have earned over his/her lifetime. Many serious brain and spinal injuries require lengthy absences away from the job. In some instances, individuals must be retrained for a less physically demanding job—often for positions that may not offer the same amount of income as before the accident. These future losses must be addressed before your case can be fully evaluated.
    • Non-economic losses: For serious injuries and wrongful death, there may be appropriate times to make a claim for loss of love, companionship, parental guidance and training, or emotional support. In every case, there is a great deal of emotional trauma associated with your loss.
  • Should I talk to the insurance company?

    No, never without counsel. Soon after your accident, you will likely receive a call from the other party's insurance company. The adjusters are trained to say all the right things in hopes of giving you a false sense of security that they will take care of everything. They may even offer you a quick injury settlement. Don't accept it and, by all means, don't sign anything without speaking with your lawyer first.

    The reason the insurance company makes a quick settlement offer is because they want to minimize their losses. When they pay out damages on claims, it eats into their profits. Even if they talk nicely to you, refer them to your lawyer.

    Insurance adjusters are skilled at getting the answers they want from unrepresented individuals. Even if you think you are honestly answering their questions, they may twist your words to portray you as liable for the accident or to downplay the severity of your injuries. This could do serious harm to your claim.

    Additionally, you should never willingly release your medical records to the insurance company when they ask. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, they may try to blame that on any pain and suffering you are experiencing from your accident.

    You should never speak with the insurance company without counsel present, sign any documents, or accept a quickly made settlement offer. You should calmly decline and tell them you want to speak with your attorney. Then, talk to our Indianapolis personal injury lawyers at Tabor Law Firm. We will preliminarily evaluate your claim to determine if the settlement truly addresses all of your losses.

  • What if I can’t afford medical care?

    One of the first concerns that anyone involved in a personal injury accident has is how they will be able to afford medical care and who will be responsible for paying their medical bills. The at-fault party's insurance company may ask you to send your medical bills to them, but rarely do they pay them. Even if you have health insurance, this can still be a cause for worry.

    If you do not have health insurance or there are limits to your coverage, there may be worries about affording ongoing treatment.

    There are typically other options available for affording treatment, such as:

    • Work-related disability benefits
    • Your car insurance policy
    • If necessary, working out a payment schedule with your doctor

    If your case is working its way through the system—whether preparing for trial or negotiating a settlement—it is important to follow your physician's advice for ongoing necessary treatment. The full extent of your harms and losses can only be evaluated when you have completed your care and treatment. You should make every effort to continue your care and treatment.

    Because the attorneys at Tabor Law Firm handle the most serious of personal injury and wrongful death cases, we take the time to develop strong partnerships with our clients. This includes helping you find the medical care you need and seeing that your medical bills are paid so your credit rating remains intact. We will assist you in getting your medical bills paid by your insurance carrier while your case is pending against the at-fault party. If applicable, when your case is resolved with the at-fault insurance company, we will see that your insurance company is reimbursed.

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