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Safe-use tips with the return of e-scooters to Indianapolis

They were here earlier in the summer. Then they disappeared. Now they are back. And with the return of e-scooters to the streets of Indianapolis comes increased concern about safety.

Advocates of this new addition to the growing ride-sharing marketplace say it provides another useful, and some might say fun, way of addressing the so-called "last mile" problem – that distance between you and some form of urban mass transit that is too close to drive to and too far to reach by foot. On the other side of the equation is increasing data from sites around the country emphasizing caution because of increases in serious and fatal injuries from accidents. From a personal injury law perspective, many experts agree legal history is still being written regarding the scope of possible liability.

OSHA addresses a top-tier Indiana construction injury concern

New safety initiatives authored by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration tend to receive close scrutiny in Indiana.

There’s a clear reason for that, which we note on our website at the established personal injury legal offices of Tabor Law Firm in Indianapolis. We underscore on a page addressing construction site accidents and injuries that Indiana is “a top-five state” for construction employment and activity. That reality understandably prompts a keen focus on safety matters.

Regulators continue strong focus on a persistent traffic danger

There is “a real face to this,” says National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert L. Sumwalt.

Sadly, there is, with Sumwalt’s comment ringing painfully clear in its focus on the high number of pedestrian fatalities that occur without pause on American roadways.

Safety regulators seek upgraded protections for motorcyclists

Anti-lock brakes have been standard equipment on all American passenger vehicles for nearly a generation. Eighteen years following their passenger vehicle debut though, these enhanced accident-avoidance features are on only about 9% of U.S. motorcycles.

That percentage must change, say federal safety officials. National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt recently stated that improved safety features on motorcycles would yield "a sizable safety benefit that the U.S. is leaving on the table."

Major fire-risk safety recall for top-selling hybrid vehicle

Consumers in Indiana and nationally reasonably expect that every product they purchase is safe and without the potential to cause serious or fatal injuries.

That is true concerning every good and device in the American marketplace, from home tools and kitchen appliances to medical applications and children's toys.

Should your teen get a license as soon as they are eligible?

Families with teenagers that will soon be old enough to obtain a driver’s license often look forward to the day with excitement and nervousness. However, a recent article by WTHR suggests that less families are dealing with that anticipation because more teens are putting off license applications.

The reporter interviewed several Indianapolis teens and families asking them for their reasoning behind not getting a license and showcased different studies demonstrating how interest has decreased over the years. In 2015, only 72 percent of high school seniors had a license, which is a new record low. As your child is approaching their 16th birthday, you should consider what is best for them when they think about applying for a license.

Researchers cautious yet optimistic re new SCI research findings

Research into spinal cord injuries is vastly complex. That is for obvious reasons, stresses a recent article on that subject from the publication Scientific American.

The biggest challenge as noted in that journal is on how to “bridge the gap.” SCI victims deal with the hurdle of trying to keep communication lines open between the brain and injured nerve cells in lower parts of the body. Spinal cord injuries are typically tremendously complicated, with researchers making painstaking efforts over the years to discover ways to reestablish links between the brain and disrupted spinal connections.

You’re unlikely to be tooling around soon in an autonomous car

A recent in-depth report on self-driving cars states that testing companies put their operating systems “through millions of virtual, computerized and highly customizable trials.”

Does that knowledge fill you with confidence as an Indiana motorist and potential consumer of somewhere-around-the-corner driverless technology?

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