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Driving while fatigued is a form of distracted driving

Whether it’s getting up early to drop off the kids at school or starting the daily commute to the office, most adults drive while feeling drowsy. It often feels inevitable due to our busy schedules and lack of sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of adults in the United States drive drowsy, and one-third of drivers fall asleep at the wheel. It is a simple action with severe consequences, such as a car accident that could harm you or someone else.

Indiana University continues to be at forefront of TBI research

Reams of evidence indicate that brain injury rehabilitation and recovery for many victims is akin to a long journey aimed at finding one's way back home.

Some people never get there. As we noted in an earlier Tabor Law Firm blog post this year, "traumatic brain injury is a complex and most challenging medical condition." We stressed in our May 28 entry that TBI sufferers often have problems "properly processing and dealing with their emotions." Such issues can challenge them for a lifetime.

Indiana newspaper board's strong endorsement of school bus belts

Do seat belts on school buses enhance safety and minimize the personal injury downsides when accidents occur?

According to one recent Indiana news article, the answer to that question depends on who you're asking. The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel editorial board says, "research has been mixed."

When does a fatal accident become an instance of wrongful death?

If a loved one has died at the hands of another, there can be a lot of variation in what the court may charge the guilty individual with. It can be confusing for the family of a lost loved one not to know whether the guilty party should face murder charges or if the family should instead file a wrongful death lawsuit.


New pedestrian-protective initiative commenced on IU campuses

It’s not a huge campaign by any means, but it is an obviously sincere commitment and intended as far more than symbolic.

And it is visible, which Indiana University officials, state regulators and police officers think is a key ingredient of a new multi-campus effort to increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

SUVs’ increased popularity poses clear risks for pedestrians

Older residents of Indianapolis and other cities and towns across the state likely never focused all that much when they were younger on potential risks to their safety every time they took a walk.

Now many of them likely do – and should, according to federal regulators. Today’s traffic environment poses stark challenges for all pedestrians across the country that simply did not exist in former years. We noted some of them in a recent blog post, noting in our May 18 entry that, “The obstacles to safety are many and great.”

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