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Reviewing the potential for recovery from a spinal cord injury

Spinal cord trauma ranks among the most severe type of injury one may suffer in Indianapolis. The assumption that many may have is that severe physical impairments and/or paralysis is sure to follow, yet that is not always true. Many of the 17,000 people that the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center reports suffer spinal cord injuries each year in America may be able to recover to a certain degree.

One’s anticipated level of recovery depends largely on the area of the spine where his or her injury occurred. According to the Shepherd Center, the spine is divided into four regions:

  •          Cervical
  •          Thoracic
  •          Lumbar
  •          Sacral

The two year I-69 construction delay has now become more than just a traffic nightmare- It's costing motorists, and even Hoosiers their lives

The two year I-69 construction delay has now become more than just a traffic nightmare- It's costing motorists, and even Hoosiers their lives.

Country music star Jamey Johnson takes break to nurse head injury

Fans of Jamey Johnson have been anxiously awaiting a new album, some of them for years. Now, the country music star has explained that he is taking a break from creative work to rest from an injury. In an interview with "Kentucky Country Music," the singer-songwriter explained that he suffered a concussion about 7 years ago which has negatively affected his ability to work.

"I slipped on some ice coming out of the studio one night and I hit my head pretty hard," he explained. More recently, the 41-year-old singer was checked out by a neuroscientist. That checkup revealed that the concussion he suffered all those years ago had put his brain into what he described as a "hyper vigilant" state in which he finds himself unable to focus on anything that isn't directly related to survival.

Large truck wrecks and brake problems

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, more than 4,300 buses and large trucks were involved in a fatal accident during 2015. Sadly, these fatal truck crashes frequently leave families with emotional pain that will last for their entire life and financial problems as well. Even when victims of a truck crash are fortunate enough to survive, a whirlwind of challenges may lie ahead. As a result, it is crucial for trucking companies and drivers to realize the various reasons why these collisions happen and aim to prevent additional crashes.

Among 141,000 large truck accidents that were reviewed in a particular study by the FMCSA, brake problems were the leading factor. In fact, this study estimated that brake issues were responsible for 29 percent of the large truck collisions reviewed in the study, or 41,000. In comparison, estimates suggest that driving under the influence of alcohol only played a role in one percent of the crashes (1,000). Clearly, brake issues play a major role in many of the truck accidents that happen throughout the country. If trucking companies paid more attention to these problems, and ensured that brakes were free of any issues, many lives could be saved.

NHTSA: 65 percent of recalled Takata airbags still not repaired

There is a potentially deadly defect in the Takata airbag inflators that were recalled between 2008 and 2015. A design or manufacturing defect causes the part to inflate the air bag with far too much force, breaking the surrounding airbag housing. This can cause metal and plastic pieces to shoot through the cabin. So far, at least 16 deaths and 180 injuries have been tied to the defect.

This recall is the largest ever in the auto industry. A total of 46.2 million airbag inflators manufactured by Takata have been recalled so far, out of a total of about 100 million which have been ordered recalled. The defect affects 19 automakers, including Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru, among others.

Did you know Indiana ranks 4th in the nation for having the highest number of railroad grade crossing incidents?

In an effort to remind motorists to drive with extra caution when near railroad tracks, a safety blitz was conducted in Lake County at a high traffic railroad crossing by the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, along with two other traffic enforcement agencies.

Would you choose an attorney from a TV ad?

Not so long ago, lawyers were forbidden to advertise. Turn on the TV today, and you can see how that rule has been torn up.

TV lawyers come across as aggressive and unpleasant. In a 30-second ad, you have no idea if they are good lawyers. You don’t even know if they have ever seen the inside of a courtroom. You may be persuaded by the face on TV – but never see that face again.

2016 was the deadliest year for pedestrians since 1996

The statistics are rather shocking. While the incidence of fatal motor vehicle accidents is down overall, the death rate among pedestrians last year reached its highest point since 1996, according to the Governor's Highway Safety Association. Even worse, last year's rate was 11 percent higher than in 2015.

According to Finance & Commerce magazine, the preliminary numbers in from last year are stark. 5,997 pedestrians were killed in traffic last year. In 2006, only 4,795 pedestrians were killed.

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