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Beware slip-and-fall injuries during the winter

Winter in Indiana: It's a time of gently falling snowflakes, mugs of hot chocolate, sleigh bells and... slip-and-fall injuries?

Without a doubt, winter is one of the most hazardous times of the year for slip-and-falls. To help you stay informed, we have created a helpful primer on some of the most common causes of winter slip-and-falls and what you should do if you are injured.

Liability in a commercial truck accident: sometimes murky

We noted a sad and unarguable fact in a blog post last week relating to truck crashes in Indiana and nationally.

Specifically, we stressed in our December 1 entry that, despite regulators' safety-enhancing efforts, commercial truck accidents "will always be an occurrence on our roadways."

Implement a new trucking rule as is, or delay implementation until detailed requirements are written? Indiana Attorney General speaks out.

The IBJ recently released a story on a topic we have covered before- the implementation of ELDs (electronic logging devices) for truck drivers in an effort to eliminate false reporting on paper travel logs, thus making roadways safer for other vehicles. The implementation of ELDs for truck drivers will help prevent truck drivers from speeding and getting too fatigued while on roadways, amongst other things.

What about football? Could its days really be numbered?

Concussion.jpgWe note an obvious point on our personal injury website at Tabor Law in Indianapolis.

And that is that traumatic brain injuries can be caused by another party's negligence in wide-ranging matters. Those span vehicle accidents and medical malpractice cases to birth injuries and slip/fall incidents.

Tabor Law Firm's proud support of the Indiana State Police Alliance

Police Car.jpgFor the past eight years, Tabor Law Firm has proudly presented a $5,000 check to the Indiana State Police Alliance to help underwrite the cost of printing the annual Indiana State Police day planners for 2018.

Why traumatic brain injury victims need proven attorneys

Brain Injury.jpgIndiana University is one of the few "Brain Injury Model Systems" sites in the United States, being considered a national leader in TBI research and care. Its staff does cutting-edge work and research to better understand and treat injury victims.

It is thus nice to hear that IU was recently awarded a $2.1 million grant to further study TBI injuries. One commentator says that work done with grant money "will lead to a deeper understanding of the life-long challenges" presented by brain injuries.

Indiana emergency crews sometimes in dire peril themselves

iStock-147000063.pngWe have noted in past blog posts on our personal injury website at the proven victims' advocacy firm of Tabor Law in Indianapolis that the sources of wrongful death are many and varied.

Patients die from botched surgeries, medication errors and other causes. Dangerous products kill consumers in a number of ways following negligence in design or manufacture. On-the-job injuries or accidents often turn deadly in Indiana and nationally owing to broad-based human errors.

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