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Indiana multi-truck crash incident: It could have been worse.

Any number of people affected by an accident earlier this month near the Indiana/Illinois state line involving commercial trucks could have easily pointed to the inconvenience resulting from multiple collisions and upended vehicles.

An equal number of drivers working their way through the wreckage might simply have considered themselves lucky. No serious injuries or fatalities were reported in the wake of the mass crashes and resulting chaos.

They did what? Common causes of bicycle accidents

There’s a saying about bicycle riding: I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days. The saying captures the essence of riding, that it can be exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous.

According to the CDC, there were over 1,000 bicyclist deaths and nearly 467,000 bicycle-related injuries in 2015. When a crash occurs between motor vehicle and a bike, it is the bicyclist who is most likely to be injured.

Liability and chartered tour bus accidents

When visiting a tourist destination, it’s not uncommon to utilize a chartered tour bus. These large vehicles are an efficient way to get sizable groups of people from one place to another, and they’re often an economical option. Though they are subject to regulation, and their drivers often require special licensure, bus accidents do happen from time to time. When these incidents occur, determining liability can become a nuanced and complicated task.

The state of Indiana considers a tour bus to be a “common carrier.” That designation essentially means that it’s an entity that receives compensation for transporting persons from point A to point B. A common carrier is expected to maintain high safety standards for its passengers, and often lawsuits that are brought against them are due to negligence.

Federal report underscores work-related fatal accident outcomes

We note on our website at the proven Indianapolis personal injury firm of Tabor Law that "the causes of wrongful death are varied."

It is hard to overstate that. The negligence and otherwise substandard behavior of others leads to dire outcomes -- sometimes even wrongful death -- for innocent individuals and families in many contexts.

Can a wrongful death lawsuit be filed for an unborn fetus?

Losing a loved one in an accident can be incredibly painful. When who you love is someone you haven’t met yet, that can be even worse.

The loss of an unborn fetus in an accident, either due to the pregnant mother being injured or losing her life, is a difficult reality to bear after all of the hope, planning and anticipation you experienced for a new baby. They are real to you the moment you find out they are on their way.

Will it happen? Front/side guards recommended for trucks.

Maybe more people will now pay attention to a strong recommendation made by NTSB safety officials.

Regulators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated rear safety guard installation on large commercial trucks back in 1998. Despite a hard push by safety advocates over the following two decades for an additional mandate covering trucks' sides and fronts, though, no new standard has materialized.

President spotlights nation's serious drunk driving problem

President Trump recently mentioned a safety problem of deep concern that concerns motorists daily in Indiana and every other state.

The president wrote in a White House Proclamation that, "On average, every 50 minutes, a person in the United States dies in a vehicle crash involving alcohol."

Beware slip-and-fall injuries during the winter

Winter in Indiana: It's a time of gently falling snowflakes, mugs of hot chocolate, sleigh bells and... slip-and-fall injuries?

Without a doubt, winter is one of the most hazardous times of the year for slip-and-falls. To help you stay informed, we have created a helpful primer on some of the most common causes of winter slip-and-falls and what you should do if you are injured.

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