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How Negligent Security Contributes to Serious Injuries

Under Indiana premises liability law, property owners are required to keep their premises reasonably safe for visitors. In certain cases, this includes taking adequate security measures to ensure that anyone who is legally allowed on the property does not suffer undo harm. For example, if an apartment complex owner knows that her building is in a relatively unsafe area, she should hire qualified security personnel and install cameras in and around the building. Failure to do so can be considered negligence.

Negligent security can lead to severe injuries in myriad ways, most notably in the case of assault. If a person is attacked on public or private property because the property owner did not take sufficient steps to keep the premises safe and secure, the injured victim can take legal action. The Indianapolis negligent security lawyers at Tabor Law Firm can help you understand your legal rights and options.

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Examples of Negligent Security

By law, property owners must take measures to prevent “reasonably foreseeable” harmful acts by third parties on their property. An assault or another harmful act may be “reasonably foreseeable” if criminal activity has occurred on the premises before or if the property is in an area that has a high crime rate. Failure to take proper precautions to prevent such activity may be deemed “negligent security,” and the property owner may be liable for any injuries or deaths that occur as a result.

Some examples of negligent security include:

  • Lack of security guards
  • Failure to conduct background checks on security personnel
  • Lack of or insufficient surveillance cameras
  • Defective security equipment, such as cameras, locks, metal detectors, etc.
  • Failure to conduct adequate searches of patrons
  • Poor or insufficient lighting in secluded areas, such as parking structures
  • Misconduct by security guards

For example, an individual enters a hotel where there is no front desk or security guard on duty. As such, the individual is not stopped, questioned, or searched. This individual then attacks a guest of the hotel using a weapon he brought into the building. The victim suffers severe injuries, requiring extensive medical treatment and forcing the victim to take weeks off work in order to heal. In this example, the victim may be able to hold the hotel owner liable for the attack due to negligent security.

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