What is Bike to Work Day?

What is Bike to Work Day?

Bike to Work Day is an event held across America where people join together to proactively improve their health, care for the environment, and enjoy some outdoor leisure time by riding their bicycle to work. This year, Bike to Work Day is on May 15, 2020. Join us and the community in celebrating Bike to Work Day this Friday!

As the Indianapolis area continues to grow and become more crowded, it will be important that residents find alternatives for traveling to work. Tabor Law is excited to get involved in the community this year as we participate in Bike to Work Day this week. If you haven't had a chance to ride your bicycle this year yet and wish to participate, remember to follow these tips below to help you plan out the big day.

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Don’t go too hard, too fast:

Leave a little extra time so that you can commute at your own speed and be less bothered by the rushed energy of the rest of the commuters—both bike and car. That way you arrive at work refreshed and less sweaty.


Take your clothes to work the day before you commute:

If you plan to change from cycling clothes to work clothes when you commute, bring your clothes to work the day before your ride.

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Learn how to fix a flat tire:

Always have a spare tube or two and the stuff for a roadside flat-fix.

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Strategize your clean up time before work:

Include a bathroom kit that will help you stay fresh and look good on the job.The bathroom kit is an absolute necessity, especially if your place of employment lacks shower facilities.

-At minimum, the kit should include wet wipes, deodorant, mouthwash, and a brush or comb.In addition, carry a clean set of undergarments and work clothes.

-If possible, try to keep a spare set of work clothes, shoes, cardigans, make-up, belts, ties, or other essentials you may forget during your morning rush out of the door.

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Plan Safe Routes:

-If you live in an urban or city environment, figure out what the safest route is to where you want to go.

-Aim for streets with dedicated bike lanes or minimal traffic.

-When riding in traffic, be hyper-aware of your surroundings, and watch for parked cars that may swing open their doors; this happens far too often.

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