Bicycle Community

Staying Active in More Ways Than One

Tabor Law Firm, LLP is proud to be an active part of our local bicyclist community here in Indianapolis and also Indiana as a whole. Many of our team members are avid bicyclists themselves, including lead attorney and founding partner Roy Tabor, who is also a Board Member of Bicycle Indiana. As bicyclists and bicycle accident attorneys, we are adamant about everyone doing all they can to make bicycle riding safer and more enjoyable for everyone throughout the state.

What is Bicycle Indiana?

Bicycle Indiana is an organization dedicating to advocating for bicyclists’ rights and educating people about bicycle safety. It is also one of the lead promoters in Indiana for bicycle events, charities, competitions, and more.

A foundational message of Bicycle Indiana is that the road belongs to all. Motorists often forget that they are required to share the road safely with other people, even those who are not in an automobile. As a Board Member of Bicycle Indiana, Attorney Roy Tabor helps coordinate the organization’s efforts, as well as lend his professional insight and experience for any legal matters that might arise.

If you want to learn about Bicycle Indiana and how you can help spread the word of bicycle safety, then please visit On the homepage, you can even use a link to Donateif you would like to support Bicycle Indiana directly.

Thank you!

The Bicyclists Bill of Rights

Across the country, it is becoming popular for states and local municipalities to form “Bicyclist Bills of Rights” that outline the rights of bicyclists in that area. Despite bicycling being a popular mode of transportation for both work and recreation, many motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists will all admit that they do not have a firm grasp of what rights are given to bicyclists when on the road. To help spread the word, we thought we would outline a quick Bicyclists Bill of Rights here, too.

As part of the bicycling community of Indiana, you should claim these rights:

  • To travel safely.
  • To use public streets and command as much of a lane as needed to be safe.
  • To traverse crosswalks as necessary without being impeded.
  • To navigate sidewalks as needed to avoid dangerous traffic or enter buildings.
  • To roadway signage and traffic lights that promote safe bicycling.
  • To supportive and coordinative groups like Bicycle Indiana.
  • To bicycle pathway and road improvements funded by designated local taxes.
  • To mass transit accommodations for bicycles like bike racks on buses.
  • To safe locations to store bicycles in public areas without the worry of theft or vandalism.
  • To access relevant health insurance policies at reasonable prices.
  • To be treated fairly by all parties and courts after a bicycle accident.

Getting Involved & Staying Involved

Tabor Law Firm, LLP in Indianapolis proudly represents wrongfully injured bicyclists who need help filing and managing bicycle accident claims. We are also always eager to find new ways to engage with and support our local bicyclist community. If you need our help with a claim or you know a new way we can show our support for bicyclists throughout Indiana, please call us at (317) 236-9000 to tell us all about it.


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