What do I do after a car accident which is not your fault?


Following a car accident, you may be confused about what your next move is. You may have suffered significant injuries or possibly only minor injuries. Either way, there are certain steps you will want to take to protect yourself when dealing with insurance companies. Although a crash may look like the fault is clear, the insurance companies are always looking for a way to dispute liability or apply comparative fault. You want to make sure you have protected yourself.

Below are some guidelines on what to do following a crash:

What NOT to do following a crash:

  • Do NOT give a recorded statement to ANY insurance companies.

  • Do NOT admit fault in ANY way.

  • Do NOT sign any documents without consulting an injury attorney.

What to DO following a crash:

  • File a police report.

  • Seek medical care for all ailments, including minor aches and pain as those can turn into more serious injuries.

  • Speak with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your rights and if your claim warrants an attorney.

Tabor Law Firm represents injury victims all over the state of Indiana. We understand how difficult these times can be for you. We are here to offer a helping hand and guide you through the claims process. There is no reason you should carry the burden of fighting the insurance companies alone. Call Tabor Law Firm at (317) 236-9000 for a free consultation.

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