Indiana is seeing a rise in fatal accidents even in the wake of a pandemic


If you remember the Spring of 2020, no matter where you were the roads seemed bare. One would assume that fatal car accidents had declined due to fewer vehicles being driven on the roadways. According to a national study by NHTSA, the United States had over 38,000 fatalities tied to car accidents in 2020. That was the highest number of fatalities since 2007.

Indianapolis’ CW affiliate, WISH TV reported that Indiana alone had 639 fatalities through September of 2020. During this time Indiana had been going through several shutdowns and many employees were working from home if they were not considered essential. So, what could be contributing to those increased numbers of fatalities?  

It has been shown in several studies that high rates of speed and not wearing a seat belt led to fatal injuries in car accidents. Although seat belts are not always comfortable, they will more likely than not save your life when in a car accident. There is no real way for Indiana to slow down the increase in fatal injuries other than drivers taking the initiative on slowing down, not being an impaired or distracted driver, and taking all precautions such as wearing your seat belt while driving.  These are all things one must take upon themself to ensure they are personally safe on the roadways. Remember in Indiana to Click it, or ticket to save a life.   

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