Warmer Weather Means More Motorcycle Accidents and Bicycle Accidents


In this past week, we have already started to see those spring temperatures in Indiana. You will also start to notice more bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles on the roadway. Be mindful of motorcyclists and bicyclists traveling on the roads near you in Indiana. Often these accidents cause serious bodily injury no matter the rate of speed either driver is going.

Take the time to look both ways when exiting a personal or business drive or at an intersection. In some cases, it is hard to see the motorcyclist heading in your direction. Many needless accidents occur due to a driver pulling out in front of a motorcyclist that they did not see. Taking a few extra moments to double-check your surroundings could save a life.

Be mindful in the coming months as the riding season starts. If you are involved in an accident, call the experienced Indiana motorcycle accident lawyers at Tabor Law Firm at (317) 236-9000.


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