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At Tabor Law Firm, our mission is simple: to provide our clients with the representation they want, the direction they need, and the recovery they deserve. Our Indianapolis attorneys provide client-focused, results-driven representation, backed by over a century of combined legal experience. We exclusively handle catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims, allowing us to focus all of our efforts on the needs of severely injured individuals and grieving families throughout the state of Indiana.

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The Representation You Want

If you are the victim of a life damaging accident or are coping after a life-altering event involving a loved one, you deserve to have the very highest standards of legal representation. At Tabor Law Firm, our experienced team of attorneys and paralegals makes sure that's exactly what you get. We know the law. We'll focus our decades of professional experience on preparing your case to the very highest standards. And, we know how to present your harms and losses in a truthful, honest, and compelling manner because we've done it so often.

The representation you want means having a clear and powerful voice to speak your case, no matter how big or strong the other party may be. We can give you that voice, right away from opening negotiations through any court hearings. When we take your case, we take it all the way, making sure your voice and concerns are clearly heard by the right people.

The Direction You Need

The worst thing that could possibly happen just did. You are feeling vulnerable, and you have no one to turn to for sound advice. This has never happened to you; you have questions, but you do not know where to get the answers you need. You're thinking about the difficulties you or your loved ones are currently facing and, most importantly, what the future holds for you. It's natural—you do not have the headspace or time to deal with insurance adjusters or complicated legal terminology. It may seem easier to believe the insurance company will treat you fairly and take care of your needs.

Stop. A good attorney will take all of these burdens off your shoulders, allowing you to heal and/or grieve appropriately. The Indianapolis lawyers at Tabor Law Firm can get your case headed in the right direction while you focus on healing.

At Tabor Law Firm, we believe it's our job to guide you through the legal process, step by step. We never forget that each case we handle concerns real lives and real losses. We communicate regularly, making sure you know precisely what's going on, why it's happening, what it means, and what to expect next.

The Recovery You Deserve

After an accident, you have very likely experienced shock, physical and mental trauma, serious injury, loss of mobility, and loss of quality of your life. You may even be coping with the loss of a loved one and loss of the loved one's income. The last thing you want to face right now is the unknown territory of a legal challenge. It's natural to want to get any claim put behind you. However, you should never accept the first offer from the insurance company. All too often, insurance adjusters seek to take advantage of injured and grieving individuals, offering low settlements that do not even come close to covering the full cost of their damages.

After serious injury or wrongful death, you only have one opportunity to get the recovery you deserve. At Tabor Law Firm, we know that recovering full financial compensation is vital. As a victim or someone who has just lost a loved one, you need to focus on the healing process, physically and/or emotionally. That's why you need trusted legal counsel for sound advice and a lawyer who will pursue the proper recovery from each and every wrongdoer. Reduced living standards and other adverse lifestyle consequences that could remain with you for the rest of your life are not inevitable—they are "recoverable."

We work very hard to determine the correct amount of recovery funds you should be entitled to receive based on your harms and losses. We understand nothing can ever remove the pain of a serious accident or loss of life, but the right compensation package can go a long way to help you get your life back together again.

What to Do If You or Your Loved One Was Involved in a Serious Accident

Never assume that a first offer of financial compensation is a final offer. There is no legal requirement for you to just take what you are offered. There's no harm in asking a lawyer if the insurance company's offer is “fair.”

It is also crucial that you act quickly. Time can dim memories and blur facts or evidence. While the accident or life-altering event is recent and the witnesses recall is fresh, reach out to an experienced attorney. Let them investigate on your behalf and preserve the evidence. Trust us, it's worth your time to do so. The sooner you do it, the faster your case can begin getting the professional attention it deserves.

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