Large Truck Wrecks & Brake Problems


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, more than 4,300 buses and large trucks were involved in a fatal accident during 2015. Sadly, these fatal truck crashes frequently leave families with emotional pain that will last for their entire life and financial problems as well. Even when victims of a truck crash are fortunate enough to survive, a whirlwind of challenges may lie ahead. As a result, it is crucial for trucking companies and drivers to realize the various reasons why these collisions happen and aim to prevent additional crashes.

Among 141,000 large truck accidents that were reviewed in a particular study by the FMCSA, brake problems were the leading factor. In fact, this study estimated that brake issues were responsible for 29 percent of the large truck collisions reviewed in the study, or 41,000. In comparison, estimates suggest that driving under the influence of alcohol only played a role in one percent of the crashes (1,000). Clearly, brake issues play a major role in many of the truck accidents that happen throughout the country. If trucking companies paid more attention to these problems, and ensured that brakes were free of any issues, many lives could be saved.

Sadly, large truck wrecks will keep happening on a regular basis. In some cases, a truck company or driver may not be able to prevent an accident, while others are negligent and simply did not care enough. For truck accident victims, exploring any options available to help them move forward is vital.


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