Share the Road Sunday! 500 Bicyclists to Hit the Roads in Hamilton & Boone County This Sunday

This Sunday is the 5th annual Rollfast Gran Fondo, a cycling event where 500 participants will either ride 25, 66, or 100-mile courses primarily through Hamilton and Boone County. This event is drawing elite cyclists from across the world, including a Tour de France competitor.

The ride will begin at 8a.m. at Carmel City Center, and riders are expected to be on the roadways until 5:00p.m. To see the exact course map and what roads may be affected in your area, click here. Police and volunteers will be escorting riders and directing traffic at some intersections, but all roads will remain open during the event. Beautiful weather like this weekend typically means more cyclists are hitting the streets, but with 500 cyclists on the roadways Sunday, motor vehicle drivers need to proceed with caution and be sure to keep a distance from the cyclists and volunteers to keep everyone safe.

If you encounter race participants this weekend, remember:

  • Try to keep at least three feet of space between your vehicle and the cyclist- the more room, the better
  • Pass cyclists on the left
  • If there are vehicles in the opposing traffic lane, wait until the traffic has cleared to pass the cyclist
  • Don’t follow cyclists too closely- keep a distance between your vehicle and the bicycle you’re approaching
  • Be patient- increasing your travel time by 5 minutes is not worth risking someone’s life
  • Check your blind spots

This race is widely known amongst the nation’s cycling community, so let’s make sure Indiana makes the news in a positive way, and keep all participants safe.

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