The Danger of Intersections for Bicyclists


Indianapolis has only recently added numerous bike lanes to offer protection to bicyclists as they make their commute. However, accidents can still occur. In fact, the most dangerous portion of a bicyclist’s route is at an intersection where 45 percent of all bicycle-car crashes occur.

There are many reasons why intersections pose dangers to bicyclists, but one of the primary reasons is that motorists simply fail to keep a proper lookout for them. Bicycles can be easily missed, especially if a motor vehicle driver is not paying close attention. How many times have you been at an intersection and noticed that a motorist will only pause briefly and make a cursory check for other vehicles before turning or proceeding through? In these situations, it is not uncommon for a driver to steer directly into a bike’s path of travel causing a collision to ensue.

When a car collides with a bike, the biker is often thrown from the vehicle and can sustain serious bodily injuries as a result. Motorists must watch out for bikers. By being vigilant and taking more time at intersections, motor vehicle drivers can reduce the incidence of bike-car accidents and the injuries that accompany them.

Other resources for information on bicycling in Indiana include Bicycle Indiana, which provides tips for motorists and bicyclists who share the road, and IndyCog, a strong advocate and educator for biking in Indianapolis.

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