Bicycle Accident Results

    • Leiker, Isaac – Bicycle v. Motor Vehicle Collision - Bicycle Accident $500,000.00

      On or about September 28, 2015, at approximately 10:20 p.m., Plaintiff Isaac Leiker was lawfully operating a bicycle near a roundabout located at the intersection of Southeastern Parkway and Olio Road in Hamilton County, Indiana. At that time and place, Defendant Junro Utsumi was operating a blue 2014 Honda Accord Sedan owned by Defendant Keihin North America, Inc. near a roundabout at Olio Road and Southeastern Parkway, and approaching Plaintiff Isaac Leiker. At that time and place, Defendant Junro Utsumi operated the 2014 Honda Accord Sedan onto Olio Road and into and against Isaac Leiker and his bicycle, throwing Isaac up on to the sidewalk. As a result of the accident, Isaac sustained multiple severe injuries, including brain injury, multiple orthopedic injuries and fractures, and facial and dental injuries.

    • Bicyclist struck by underinsured motorist - Bicycle Accident $200,000.00

      Tabor Law Firm represented a client who was riding her bicycle eastbound on 96th Street at the intersection of Randall Drive, in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the same time, an underinsured motorist traveling westbound on Randall drive turned directly into the path of our client, and she was struck by the uninsured driver. Our client sustained serious and permanent injuries, resulting in two orthopedic surgeries.

      Due to her injuries, she missed time from work and incurred high medical expenses. Tabor Law Firm assisted our client in obtaining a settlement of $100,000.00 against the Defendant, as well as a settlement of $100,000.00 with our client's own carrier, which was the policy limit.

    • Bicycle Accident Resulting in Brain Injury - Bicycle Accident Confidential Settlement

      Our client was riding his bicycle north on Allisonville Road on a clear sunny day. At that same time and location, a negligent driver turned her vehicle directly in front of the bicyclist causing a violent collision. The bicyclist was thrown over his handlebars and bounced off her windshield. The driver of the vehicle left the scene of the accident but was located shortly after leaving the scene. Our client was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury along with other orthopedic injuries.

      Due to his injuries, he missed time from work and incurred significant medical expenses. Although his injuries and permanency seemed clear, the damages were disputed. Tabor Law Firm was able to successfully mediate this case with an outcome that protected the client and his family’s future.

    • Indiana State Police Officer Wrongfully Killed During an Annual Charity Bicycle Ride - Bicycle Accident Confidential Settlement

      Tabor Law Firm represented the wife of an Indiana State Police Lieutenant who helped coordinate and participated in an annual charity bicycle ride around the state of Indiana to benefit C.O.P.S. ("Concerns of Police Survivors"), an organization that provides support to families of officers who are killed in the line of duty.

      The Police Lieutenant was riding his bicycle in the charity ride with a group of other police officers southbound on State Road 63 in Vermillion County when the riders' support motor vehicle was rear-ended by a truck being driven by an employee of Defendant Towne Air Freight. As the truck collided with the support motor vehicle, both vehicles were propelled forward and the Police Lieutenant was struck and killed.

      Tabor Law Firm successfully represented the Police Lieutenant's wife, in an action for his wrongful death. Our investigation revealed evidence that the Defendant driver failed to keep a proper lookout, was speeding, and was following too closely before he hit the Lieutenant on his bicycle.

      Roy Tabor partnered with the widow to establish and administer a scholarship fund for children of Indiana's fallen officers.

    • Road Construction Sign Causes a Bicyclist’s Wrongful Death - Bicycle Accident Confidential Settlement

      Tabor Law Firm successfully represented the Estate of a man who was killed when his bicycle collided with a bus. The bicyclist was traveling on the a sidewalk on the east side of Meridian Street in Indianapolis when he encountered a "Road Construction Ahead" sign, which obstructed nearly the entire sidewalk. He attempted to ride past the sign, but his bike came in contact with something on the base of or on the sign and lost control of his bike. As he lost balance, he leaned to the left, and the front of his bicycle went partially into the street. A bus traveling the same direction on Meridian Street was stopped at the intersection of Meridian and 29th street, and as the bus proceeded to pull forward, the bike and the front passenger side bumper of the bus collided. The bicyclist's head was crushed under the wheel of the bus, and was killed as a result of the collision.

      Tabor Law firm represented the Estate of this bicyclist and filed a Complaint for damages against Indiana Public Transportation Corporation, Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, E & B Paving, Inc., Tri-Mack Corporation, City of Indianapolis and Indiana Department of Transportation. The complaint stated The State of Indiana and the Indiana Department of Transportation had jurisdiction and control over Meridian Street for the purposes of a road reconstruction and resurfacing construction project. E & B Paving was the contractor engaged to carry out the resurfacing project. E & B Paving subcontracted with Tri Mack for the provision, erection, servicing and removal of construction signs including the sign at issue. Defendants, Tri-Mack, E & B Paving and the State/INDOT were all responsible for the installation, inspection, maintenance and removal of the sign, and for the safety of the public. The City was also responsible for the condition of the sidewalks.

      With the assistance of Tabor Law Firm, The Estate of the bicyclist was able to procure a settlement for his wrongful death that allowed his children financial security and helped compensate them for their devastating loss.

    • Multiple parties held liable for the death of an officer when a car struck his bicycle - Bicycle Accident Confidential Settlement

      Tabor Law Firm represented an officer who was needlessly killed while operating his bicycle in participation with a training bicycle ride in the company of two other officers in Knightstown, Indiana. The Defendant was operating a motor vehicle in the same direction, behind our client's bicycle. The Defendant drove her vehicle into our client's bicycle, causing him to sustain massive and fatal injuries. A wrongful death suit was brought against the driver, the manufacturer of the bicycle, the seller of the bicycle, and several other entities that were partially responsible for our client's death.

      Tabor Law Firm obtained a significant recovery from all responsible parties on behalf of the officer's wife and children.

    • Recovery received for bicyclist suffering serious injuries after a collision with a car in Indianapolis - Bicycle Accident Six-Figure Settlement

      Our client was riding her bicycle northbound in the marked bicycle lane, on Illinois Street when a car traveling the same direction suddenly, and without warning, turned directly in front of our client's bicycle causing a collision. Our client was forcibly thrown from her bicycle to the pavement. As a result, she suffered serious and permanent orthopedic injuries that required two surgeries.

      The Defendant's insurance carrier paid its bodily injury policy limits. Tabor also obtained an underinsured motorist six-figure settlement for our client from her own carrier.