Manhole Explosions, a Dangerous Reality


According to the Indianapolis Star, the Indianapolis Power and Light Company reported that a manhole explosion occurred in Downtown Indianapolis on Wednesday morning. Fortunately, no one was injured as safety locks prevented the manhole cover from flying off; however, this incident could have caused a very serious injury. From 2010 to 2015 there were 14 separate instances of manhole explosions in downtown Indianapolis. No one ever expects to be injured by an explosion, but the unfortunate reality is that it can happen.

Tabor Law Firm has seen firsthand the debilitating injuries that can occur from an explosion. Oftentimes, multiple parties can be at fault for the explosion, and Tabor Law Firm can help identify those parties at fault, and hold them accountable for the pain and suffering the explosion may have caused. When such an event occurs, you need someone on your side, fighting for you, besides your insurance company.

The important thing to remember when an explosion occurs is to act fast. The details of what occurred will be fresh in your memory, and your road to recovery will begin immediately once contacting Tabor Law Firm. We have handled numerous explosion cases successfully, and are prepared with the knowledge to help you and your loved ones.


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