Hit by a Drunk Driver in Indiana? What To Do Next!

Hit by a drunk driver

If you suffered injuries in a car accident that was not your fault, you have the right to seek a personal injury claim. You must prove that the other driver acted recklessly or negligently to win your claim. If you were hit by a drunk driver, the driver’s intoxication would be a potential sign of reckless behavior on the part of the other driver.

You may wonder what to do after a drunk driver hits you and what the rules are in Indiana for proving negligence. We’ll break down the steps to follow after this kind of accident to take care of your health and protect your right to seek a personal injury claim.

Report the Accident to the Police

Always report this type of accident to law enforcement. When you’re hit by a drunk driver, the intoxicated driver may ask you not to call the police. After all, the driver doesn’t want to face criminal charges. However, you must call the police and let the officers handle the situation.

If you suspect the other driver was drinking, let police officers know when they arrive. They then can investigate the situation. You should not confront the other driver about drinking and driving, as this could start a fight. Let the police handle everything, and you can focus on seeking treatment for your injuries.

Seek Medical Care

According to Indiana University, approximately 14% of all Indiana traffic fatalities annually involve a drunk driver. 

Even if your crash doesn’t lead to a fatality, drunk driving accidents can cause severe injuries for the people involved. A driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot make decisions as quickly as a sober driver. The drunk driver may fail to apply the brakes before the crash, leading to high-speed collisions, for example.

If police officers and first responders at the scene recommend that you ride in an ambulance to the hospital, you probably should follow the advice. Even if you are unsure whether you suffered injuries in the accident, you should visit a doctor for an exam a day or two afterward. You could have a concussion or a similar type of injury where the symptoms don’t show up until later.

Our Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help If You Were Hit by a Drunk Driver

When a drunk driver hits you, two different cases are possible. The criminal system may bring charges against the driver. Secondly, you have the opportunity to bring a civil case against the drunk driver for behaving negligently and causing your injuries.

When you hire our personal injury lawyers to help you seek a financial award against the drunk driver, we focus on the civil case. We attempt to win damages for the hardships you are experiencing.

We investigate the accident, looking for facts that show the other driver behaved negligently. If we have evidence that the other driver was legally drunk or had been drinking before the crash, this can be a key piece of evidence in showing negligent or reckless behavior.

We Offer a Free Case Review

If you were hit by a drunk driver and suffered injuries, you have the right to seek a personal injury civil claim. Our experienced car accident lawyers at Tabor Law Firm will protect your rights. We’ll seek a financial claim for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other hardships from your injuries. To talk with the personal injury lawyers at Tabor Law Firm during a free consultation, call us at (317) 236-9000 today. You can also contact us through our web form. 


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