Indianapolis Named Top City for Bicycling

Safety, friendliness, energy, and culture are the main factors that Bicycling Magazine contributes to their Best Bike Cities list.

In October of 2018, Bicycle Magazine ran down their top 50 best cities for bicycling. They factor in over a thousand different data points. Looking at factors that a variety of different cyclists would favor. Everyone from the kid who bikes to school to even the most competitive road cyclist.

Their ranking system is out of 100 points divided into four weighted categories. Safety is the most important category with 40 points. Next, how friendly the city is to riders of all ages and skill levels.

While the article notes that there is no perfect American city for cycling it is great news to have Indianapolis listed with some outstanding bicycling communities like Portland, Oregon and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Bicycle Magazine does a great job mentioning the 8-mile Cultural Trail. Adding that Indianapolis has built 3 more miles of protected bike lanes in the past 2 years. Plus 12 miles of off-road pathways. Even siting big plans for tripling the miles of protected lanes over the next 10-15 years.

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