Who is Responsible for Injuries at Public Parks?


When heading out for some fun at your local park, it’s important to take some safety precautions to avoid serious accidents and injuries. If one of these incidents does occur, however, you should also know which parties would likely be liable.

Most public parks are the responsibility of a state or local government, and as such are afforded certain protections against liability for injuries which occur in the park’s boundaries. However, in certain cases, if an injury is found to take place due to negligence, the entity in question may be liable. This is because our government at the federal, state and local levels has a responsibility to keep people safe and ensure premises under their supervision are free from hazards. If you are injured because an agency knowingly failed to keep a property safe, you may be able to seek monetary compensation.

Some of the most common injuries occurring at public parks include slip and fall accidents due to poorly maintained property, and injuries on playgrounds resulting from unsecure play equipment. No matter what type of accident occurs, the agency in charge of the property must first be considered negligent for you to successfully seek compensation. The entity must have failed in its duty to reasonable care for maintaining the property and providing a safe space for visitors.

If you have been injured at a public park and believe a government agency or other third party is liable for your accident, you may be able to file a claim against those responsible and seek compensation for your damages. To prove that negligence directly led to your injury, you will want to gather evidence such as photos of the unsafe conditions, witness statements from passersby, an incident report from a park ranger or police officer and all medical records detailing treatments for your injury.

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