Truck Drivers Forced to Ignore Federal Mandated Regulations


With nearly 95 years’ of combined experience at Tabor Law Firm representing
individuals who have been injured or killed due to a collision with semi-trucks,
we continue to see truck driver’s falsifying their travel logs in
an effort to drive longer than the FMCSA regulates. Despite the many regulations
in place by the
FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), the lack of pay truck drivers
receive is forcing drivers to log false reports. What’s worse- the
trucking companies knowingly allow this to happen. Many drivers are now
forced to sign lease-to-own truck contracts, indebting them to their own
employers, forcing drivers to haul 15-20 hours a week to barely break
even financially.

Rene Flores, the latest truck driver to come forward, had been logging
false driving reports due to the lack of pay from his employer, Morgan
Southern. Though he knew he was not following mandated regulations, he
was forced to include false hour reports as he was driving up to 20 hours
straight, which is nearly twice the legal limit imposed by the FMCSA.
The day after Flores brought his story to USA today, he was fired. Case
after case, drivers who have filed complaints or refused to drive beyond
regulations have faced retaliation from their employers.

It is no surprise that the company in question is putting the blame on
Flores. Morgan Southern’s legal representation stated that Flores
refused to use electronic logbooks. However, Morgan Southern has been
cited 15 times for violations in California according to Department of
Transportation records. USA Today investigation also reports that Morgan
Southern trucks appear to have exceeded legal limits more than 500 times
from 2013-2016. Bottom line, trucking companies are responsible for tracking
their workers’ hours.

As these stories emerge, we hope that action will be taken against trucking
companies for their lack of responsibility to ensure their drivers are
following FMCSA mandated regulation. For example, by way of compensating
their drivers adequately to end the temptation to drive fast and doctor
their log books. If they don’t, lives will continue to be needlessly
lost due to collisions caused by fatigued drivers. In 2015 there were
136 fatalities involving a commercial vehicle in 2015 (most recent available
report). To learn more about Tabor Law Firm’s experience representing
those who have been seriously injured or needlessly killed due to a collision
involving a semi-truck,
click here.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a semi-tractor
trailer, call Tabor Law Firm today for a
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