Truck Accident Results

    • Sometimes a minor impact can result in life changing injuries - Truck Accident $335,000.00

      Our client was operating her vehicle northbound on Westfield Boulevard in Indianapolis, Indiana, and stopped at a light waiting to make a left hand turn onto Real Street. At that time, an employee of a Fortune Fish Company was operating a company owned box truck, and was stopped approximately six feet in front of our client's vehicle. The Defendant suddenly changed course and proceeded to operate the box truck in the reverse direction, backing up toward our client's vehicle. Due to the box truck operator's lack of attention, she struck t he front end of our client's vehicle. Our client braced for the impact by gripping her steering wheel, and her hands were injured from the force of the impact even though the impact did not do major damage to the truck.

      The debilitating hand injuries our client sustained required six surgeries to treat. She now has significantly limited use of her thumbs, and cannot perform basic tasks of daily living.

      Tabor Law Firm assisted in obtaining a six-figure settlement of $335,000 for our client's serious, permanent and disfiguring injuries to her hands.

    • State Trooper injured in semi-truck collision - Truck Accident $150,000.00

      Our client is an Indiana State Trooper, and was assisting a motorist on Interstate 74 near Crawfordsville when he was rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer. The driver of the semi-tractor trailer and the trucking company that employed him tried to avoid responsibility for the collision by blaming a phantom vehicle for causing the semi to veer onto the shoulder of the interstate and collide with our client's police car.

      Our investigators interviewed witnesses of the collision and determined that the semi was responsible for the collision. Our accident reconstructionist placed fault for the collision squarely on the driver of the semi-tractor trailer. At a settlement conference, we obtained a settlement in the amount of $150,000 for the Trooper and his wife.

    • Indiana State Trooper suffers severe injuries due to a semi-truck crashing into his vehicle - Truck Accident $150,000.00

      Our client was an Indiana State Trooper who was pulled over on the side of the interstate assisting a motorist who had slid off the road due to wintery conditions. A semi tractor-trailer travelling too fast for the road conditions slammed into the rear of our client's police commission vehicle, causing significant physical injuries to him. As a State Trooper, our client's injuries prevented him from performing many of the physical duties of his job and he incurred lost wages and an impairment to his earning capacity in the future.

      The truck driver and the trucking company he worked for tried to avoid responsibility for the collision by blaming the poor weather conditions. We filed suit against them and obtained a $150,000 settlement on our client's behalf. His health has improved after extensive medical treatment and he has been able to return to work as a Trooper.

    • Indiana State Police Trooper Seriously Injured When a Semi-Truck Failed to Yield the Right-Of-Way - Truck Accident Six-Figure Recovery

      In 2004, an Indiana State Police Trooper was operating his vehicle northbound on Wilbur Wright Road. At the same time and place, Jane Doe of M and D Transfer, was operating a semi-tractor southbound on Wilbur Wright Road, and failed to yield the right-of-way to the Trooper while attempting to make a left hand turn; colliding with the Trooper's vehicle. The Trooper was trapped in his vehicle, but luckily was pulled from his vehicle just as it burst into flames.

      As a result of this collision, the Trooper sustained a number of injuries including, but not limited to multiple fractures, numerous abrasions to his bilateral upper extremities, chest wall contusion, left shoulder contusion and right ankle abrasion. He was unable to work for approximately twenty-four (24) weeks. He returned to work on limited duty and it was unknown when or if he would return to full line of duty work.

      As a result of the injuries he sustained, his wife additionally lost time from work, and required her to assume responsibility for additional household duties and the care of their children.

      Tabor Law Firm was able to assist both the Indiana Trooper and his wife in obtaining a six-figure recovery from the Defendants that would help with past and future medical expense, compensate him for lost wages due to his injuries and afford him and his family some well-deserved financial security.

    • The Right Representation for an Indiana State Police Sergeant - Truck Accident Confidential Recovery

      Our client, an Indiana State Police Sergeant, was seriously injured when he was struck by a semi-tractor trailer while parked in his police car on the shoulder of I-65 near Frankfort, Indiana. The Sergeant was in his police car, with its emergency lights activated, conducting a routine traffic stop.

      The semi-tractor trailer driver moved to the left and then swerved back to the right, causing his semi-tractor trailer to jack knife and collide with the Sergeant's police vehicle. The collision was a direct and proximate result of the alleged careless and negligent acts and omissions of the Defendant, including following too closely, traveling too fast for the circumstances, traveling at a speed in excess of the speed limit, changing lanes when it was unsafe to do so, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle in violation of I.C. 9-21-8-35, and operating an unsafe vehicle. The collision was also a direct and proximate result of the alleged independent carelessness and negligence of the company that owned and operated the truck.

      Consequently, the Sergeant sustained serious and permanent injuries, incurred medical expenses and lost wages. Tabor Law Firm was able to assist him in obtaining a successful recovery from the Defendants to help him with his past and future medical expenses, compensate him for lost wages due to his injuries and afford him some well-deserved financial security

    • Financial Relief After a Truck Accident Causes Severe Injury - Truck Accident Confidential Settlement

      Our client was only 21 years old at the time when he suffered massive and permanent injuries when a semi tractor-trailer turned left in front of him at the intersection of Raymond Street and Emerson Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana. His injuries were so severe that he was hospitalized for a month and then spent an additional nine months as an inpatient in various rehabilitation programs. Despite the intensive rehabilitation, he was left with severe, lifelong impairments.

      Tabor Law Firm represented and helped him reach a life changing settlement with Defendants. The settlement proceeds provided both our client and his parents with funds to pay for his past and continued medical care, as well as compensation for his lost future earnings.

    • Recovery for Lost Wages and Future Medical Expenses Following a Truck Accident - Truck Accident Six-Figure Recovery

      Our client was traveling north on Zionsville Road in Indianapolis when a semi-tractor trailer turned directly into the path of our client's vehicle while trying to make a left hand turn. The semi driver failed to yield the right-of-way to our client's oncoming vehicle, which resulted in a violent collision.

      As a result of the Defendant driver's carelessness and negligence, our client sustained twelve rib fractures, a rotator cuff injury requiring surgery, and a lumbar injury that required surgical intervention as well.

      Tabor Law Firm obtained a six-figure recovery from the Defendants to help our client with past and future medical expenses, as well as compensate him for wage losses due to his injuries.