Another Semi Truck Causes Fatal Accident in Gibson County, Indiana


This past Saturday, another semi-truck accident needlessly took the life
of a fellow Hoosier. An out of state truck driver from Iowa failed to
stop at a traffic light in Gibson County, Indiana (US 41) and caused a
devastating crash. A local Hoosier from Remington, Indiana lost his life
following the crash. His vehicle was stopped at a traffic signal when,
for no known reason, the tractor-trailer slammed into the rear of his
car. At this time it is unknown why the semi-truck driver failed to stop,
but too often these types of needless collisions are a result of the truck
driver being distracted, intoxicated, fatigued, or simply failing to follow
traffic safety laws.

Our hearts go out to the family who needlessly lost a loved one in this
crash. We know how devastating of a loss this is for friends and family.
In fact, Tabor Law Firm has investigated that exact stretch of US 41 in
the past while representing a widow of a tow truck operator who was also
killed by a passing semi-truck. In that tragic accident, Tabor Law Firm
was successful in helping the widow and her children recover funds from
the at-fault insurance company. We hope justice prevails for the Remington
family as well.

Whether an accident involving a semi-truck is caused by an operator under
the influence, distracted, fatigued, or simply one who failed to abide
traffic laws,
Tabor Law Firm has experience representing those seriously injured or killed
as a result
. We can help, but you have to make the call first.

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