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Indiana Sheriffs' Association


Tabor Law Firm has longstanding experience representing injured officers and their families in personal injury and wrongful death matters. Tabor Law Firm brings a unique combination of experience, aggressiveness, and compassion to ensure that officers and their families receive justice. Even after past client’s representation has successfully concluded, Tabor Law Firm has partnered with families of fallen officers to create scholarship funds so children of officers have an opportunity to achieve their academic goals.

The attorneys of Tabor Law Firm have been dedicated to serving the needs of injured officers for the past 40 years. Tabor Law Firm continues to work with Steve Luce, the ISA executive director, in assisting sheriff’s families and answering any questions they may have.

We know that unfortunately at some point in your career you will know an officer that is involved in an accident. Who do you turn to in a time of need? Tabor Law Firm has the expertise and knowledge of the unique circumstances when an officer is injured or killed. Before you retain someone else, we want to talk to you. Even if you’re looking for a second opinion, call us. We want to help.

We’re painfully aware of when a tragic accident occurs involving an officer. Unfortunately, rules of professional conduct preclude us, or any other attorney, from contacting you. As difficult as it may be to reach out after a devastating accident, please contact us any time, day or night. Tabor Law Firm stands ready to help.

For additional information about Tabor Law Firm, feel free to contact Steve Luce or Howard Williams as personal references.

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Shaw vs Byerly

On November 12, 2009, Steven L. Byerly was driving his truck in an eastbound lane of State Road 14 in Warsaw Indiana when he became distracted by his cell phone and drove the right side of his truck off the paved roadway for more than 160 feet before he re-entered the eastbound lane. He then over-corrected, and crossed the center line into the...


Cunningham v. Anonymous Trucking Co.

Mike Cunningham, a tow truck operator, responded to a call from a stranded motorist and parked his tow truck on the right shoulder of U.S. 41 South near Princeton, Indiana. Mike loaded the stranded vehicle into his tow truck and began to walk back to his truck to complete the necessary paperwork when a semi-tractor trailer traveling southbound in...


Tabor Law Firm, LLP
3610 River Crossing Parkway, Suite 250
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46240 USA