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Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys Go Above and Beyond

Widely respected and experienced trial lawyers in complex litigation

If you have suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one, you have many questions. Contact Tabor Law Firm to speak with an experienced attorney and get your questions answered. Our attorneys have more than 75 years of combined experience. Tabor Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys are:

  • Personally concerned and deeply engaged ― Injured parties must focus on recovering their health. Our one-on-one client service assures you that a motivated professional is capably handling your claim, and allows you to concentrate on healing.
  • Widely respected ― Judges and opposing counsel recognize our attorneys as honest advocates for legitimate claims. This reputation serves our clients well as we negotiate or litigate a just outcome.
  • Experienced with complex litigation ― Personal injury claims require proof by a preponderance of evidence for negligence, causation and damages. The more serious your injury, the more vigorously defense counsel will fight to deny fair payment. Our experience with complex injury cases greatly enhances your prospects of a fair settlement or trial verdict.
  • Focused exclusively on personal injury law ― By choosing to focus on personal injury and wrongful death matters, our attorneys provide comprehensive representation to those who need it most.

Caring, diligent Indianapolis attorneys aggressively assert your rights

We are efficient in managing even the most complex cases, but we are not a high-volume practice focused on quick settlements. Tabor Law Firm is dedicated to helping victims of serious accidents get maximum compensation sufficient to meet the needs the injury created. We take the time to fully assess every aspect of your personal injury case, and assemble the evidence necessary to prove every element. This is painstaking work, but we pursue it with the utmost determination ― while we have to live with a case for only a short while; you have to live with the outcome forever.

Centrally located in Indianapolis, serving all of Indiana

Though we’re based in Indianapolis, our dedicated attorneys meet with injured clients in counties across Indiana. We have successfully resolved thousands of personal injury cases from car accidents to medical malpractice. Our accomplished trial attorneys can capably litigate complex products liability cases, as well as claims from bus accidents, construction zone accidents and airplane crashes. Our firm has a long-standing relationship with Indiana’s law enforcement community; Indiana Sheriffs and Indiana State Police Officers trust us and respect us. Wherever and however you’ve been hurt, Tabor Law Firm puts the full weight of our knowledge and skill to work so that you obtain full and fair compensation for your loss.

Contact an experienced and reputable Indiana personal injury law firm

Tabor Law Firm advances all costs of litigating the injury cases we accept. To find out how our firm can assist you, call us to schedule a free consultation at 317.236.9000 or contact our Indianapolis office online. If necessary, we can visit you at your home or in the hospital. Our lawyers understand the devastating nature of your injury or loss and are devoted to supporting you and your family through this difficult time. We understand that no amount of compensation will reverse the lasting effects of an accident, but we will work tirelessly to see that you receive the compensation you deserve.