When is a Pool Owner Liable for an Accident?

In the summer, many people look to beat the heat by going for a swim in their local pool. Although pools provide a nice, cool place for relaxation and fun, they can also pose some hazards – especially to children.

If you or a loved one suffer injuries at a pool, you may be wondering who is liable. When determining liability, you will first want to remember that pools are considered a piece of property, and are typically the responsibility of the property owner. Under the law, the owner has a responsibility to keep their pool reasonably safe for all individuals invited onto the property.

This same responsibility applies to owners of public pools. A municipality, nonprofit organization, or any other owner of a public pool is legally required to make reasonable efforts to maintain pool safety for its users and provide proper mechanisms in case of an emergency. Owners are also responsible for informing invited guests of any potential hazards they may encounter while swimming. These may include water that is too shallow for diving or areas that are extra slippery when wet.

In either of these cases, if the owner fails to keep a pool reasonably safe, it could be considered negligent behavior. Should an invitee become injured because of the owner’s negligence, the owner may be liable for damages suffered.

If you or someone close to you has suffered an injury from a pool-related accident and would like to learn about your options, meet with an experienced Indiana premises liability attorney at Tabor Law Firm today.


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