When Brake Failure Causes Truck Accidents

Driver versus Company Negligence

One of the many causes of commercial
truck accidents is brake failure, which is why individuals other than the truck driver,
or his/her trucking company, can also be held responsible for a crash.
Sometimes the brake manufacturer, the person responsible for brake maintenance,
or the person who loaded the truck can also be held accountable in a court of law.

Weigh Stations

The US Department of Transportation requires commercial truck drivers to
conduct pre- and post-trip inspections of their vehicles to identify any
safety defects or maintenance concerns. In addition, the brake manufacturers
are required to follow certain federal mandates regarding the safety of
braking systems in trucks.

The weight of a truck comes into play in terms of the trucks’ handling
abilities so trucks must be able to do the following:

  • Have a braking force determined by a percentage of the weight of the truck
  • Decelerate to a complete stop from 20 miles per hour at a rate determined
    by the size and weight of the vehicle
  • Meet the requirements laid out for automatic brake adjustment systems

Drivers or truck companies can be liable for brake failures when they fail
to properly maintain the brakes.
If an inspection of the vehicle reveals that the brakes did not meet these
standards, then the manufacturer of the brakes can also be liable for
the accident.

Log Books and Record Keeping for Commercial Vehicles

Companies are required by federal law to keep thorough records to show
that all maintenance (including work done on brakes) is done according
to schedule. Trucking companies are also responsible for ensuring that
trucks are loaded properly before every trip. If the truckload is distributed
unevenly or if the truck is overloaded, the brakes could overheat and
break down because of the amount of stress on them.

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