What Makes America’s Delivery Rooms a Noted Risk for Mothers?


Wrongful death is unquestionably tragic. We note on our victims’ personal
injury website at Tabor Law in Indianapolis that, “One of the hardest
things any family has to deal with is the unexpected loss of a beloved
family member.”

We additionally underscore on our site that the causes of
wrongful death are many and varied. They range from lives lost owing to third-party negligence in motor
vehicle accidents and the faulty design or manufacture of defective products to workplace
accidents and medical malpractice outcomes.

That latter sphere is both notable and ironic. On the one hand, American
medicine is noted globally for its cutting-edge technologies and the rigorous
accreditation requirements imposed on its practitioners. Conversely, though,
millions of patients annually suffer adverse outcomes directly tied to
substandard care delivery. The consequences are reportedly fatal in hundreds
of thousands of cases.

A recent NPR article takes an in-depth look at what commentators have termed
“a national tragedy” in the health care realm. That piece focuses
specifically on the
high number of pregnant women who die in delivery rooms or thereafter from
birth-tied complications

The problem is reportedly of huge dimensions. Notwithstanding the comparative
strength of American technology and the licensed credentials of medical
professionals, more American women die during childbirth or shortly thereafter
than do their counterparts in any other developed country.

Doctors closely focused upon that disconnect have probed the reasons why
and published their results recently in a prestigious medical journal.
We believe that what they have to say is both interesting and instructive,
and will take a closer look at their findings in our next blog post.


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