What Are Some Common TBI Causes?


After sustaining a
traumatic brain injury, life can change in diverse ways. If you suffered a TBI, or if one of
your family members or friends is trying to recover from the consequences
of a brain injury, you may be very familiar with the hardships that can
arise. In the Greater Indianapolis Area, too many people continue to suffer
brain injuries for a wide variety of reasons, which underlines how vital
it is to recognize how these injuries happen and take steps to prevent
them from occurring.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has covered many of the
common causes of traumatic brain injuries. The CDC states that the largest
reason why most people sustain TBIs is falling down, but there are many
other reasons why these injuries keep happening. For example, motor vehicle
are a major cause, as well as being struck by objects. Moreover,
some people sustain a traumatic brain injury after they are assaulted.
Regardless of the reason why someone suffers a TBI, they may experience
long-term consequences such as headaches, memory problems and other hardships.
As a result, people going through these challenges need to focus on recovery.

Sadly, some brain injuries are the result of others’ careless behavior,
whether someone is struck by a drunk driver or a victim of medical malpractice.
Tabor Law Firm knows how challenging TBIs often are for victims and their
family members. Let Tabor Law Firm take the challenges of working with
insurance companies off your plate so that you can focus on healing. If
you go over to our brain injuries page, you can read more on recovering from a
traumatic brain injury.


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