Should Your Teen Get a License as Soon as They Are Eligible?


Families with teenagers that will soon be old enough to obtain a driver’s
license often look forward to the day with excitement and nervousness. However,
a recent article by WTHR suggests that less families are dealing with that anticipation because
more teens are putting off license applications.

The reporter interviewed several Indianapolis teens and families asking
them for their reasoning behind not getting a license and showcased different
studies demonstrating how interest has decreased over the years. In 2015,
only 72 percent of high school seniors had a license, which is a new record
low. As your child is approaching their 16th birthday, you should consider
what is best for them when they think about applying for a license.

The benefits of waiting

As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out, motor
vehicle accidents are
the leading cause of teenager deaths in the nation. Even if a teen does prove knowledgeable enough to obtain
a license, they lack experience and may be unable to adapt in emergency
situations. Many young drivers also engage in reckless behavior such as
texting while behind the wheel or not buckling in their seat belts.

However, the WTHR article shows that some Indianapolis teens hold back
for financial reasons. Some want to wait before paying for driver’s
ed classes, additional insurance or an extra car. If the teen chooses
to bike, walk or hitch a ride in their dad’s car, they also save
their family hundreds of dollars on gas.

The consequences of not getting it soon

The article also shows a major downside towards waiting too long to get
it. An Indiana University student said that even if she were to try and
get a license, she would be a “horrible driver” and was frightened
at the thought of driving. Depending on where your child wants to go in
the future, driving might have to be a necessary skill to learn.

Indiana is not New York. Driving may be pricy, but it can also be a convenience
if someone needs to get somewhere quickly rather than get up two hours
early for a bike ride or organize bus times. Many see getting a license
as a part of growing up and believe that the sooner someone learns it,
the faster they can get to adapting on the road.

If your teen does become the victim of a motor vehicle accident, know that
you can contact an experienced personal injury law firm in Indianapolis
to help you and your child recover from the damages inflicted.


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