Road Construction Season Gearing Up: High Awareness Warranted


Work crews begin to tackle construction projects each spring in force on
streets and highways across Indiana. Their efforts extend throughout the
summer and autumn months.

That extended period is one of heightened concern for motorists. Even normally
quiet and seemingly safe roads can bring potential and actual dangers
when distracted drivers enter zones without fully appreciating that things
are not as they normally appear.

There is no question that drivers all across the state are affected by
Indiana’s annual road construction season and need to fully appreciate
the risks. We note on our website at the experienced Indianapolis personal
injury firm of Tabor Law that Indiana is “a top-five state for construction job employment.” Many industry jobs are focused on keeping the state’s vast
network of roadways in top condition.

State and federal safety officials remind the public annually of the ramped-up
seasonal activity that drivers need to anticipate and carefully respond
to. One prominent update that issues yearly comes via the publicity linked
with Work Zone Awareness Week. That national initiative connects with
educational programs in the various states, including Indiana. That specially
designated period concluded just last week.

It was duly noted by the state’s principal safety regulators. They
conveyed the sobering message that, while distinct risks are posed for
workers toiling in road construction zones, the dangers for drivers passing
through such areas are even greater. Notably, a driver was killed just
last week in a construction zone on I-69 in central Indiana.

Transportation officials are drumming
a hopeful message of an accident-free construction season going forward. INDOT Commissioner Joe McGuinness voices the bottom-line goal “that
all of us go home safely at the end of [each] day.”


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