Not Always Top of Mind These Days, but Still a Danger: Train Collisions


Many people likely don’t think about getting involved in a
train collision as often as say, an accident with a truck or another motor vehicle. While
these collisions may not occur as often, they are still a danger to motorists,
and can be extremely dangerous.

A recent media
report on train accidents notes that there were 116 crossing collisions during 2016 in Indiana,
with 11 deaths occurring in the process. Reportedly, Indiana sadly ranks
sixth out of the 50 states in train-related fatalities. However, as the
“Crossroads of America” this fact is not too surprising.

Of course, it is vital that safety officials do all they can to make every
crossing across Indiana 100% safe. While it is certainly true that reckless
behavior by drivers and pedestrians near and on the tracks is a direct
injury contributor for many people hit by trains, that is not always true.

Sometimes, for example, crossings may not have aduqate or visible signage,
gates can malfunction, warning lights may be inoperative– a number of
factors can increase danger and lead to injuries.

Whether a collision is caused by another motor vehicle driver’s negligence,
a malfunction with the tracks or tain itself, or due to an issue with
warning signs for the train crossing, you and your family deserve to have
your case examined to potentially discover any negligent acts that may
have caused the train collision. Questions or concerns regarding any aspect
of a collision at an Indiana train crossing can be directed to the proven
attorneys at Tabor Law Firm in Indianapolis.

When you need help, our attorneys stand ready to deliver it. A case evaluation
is free –
contact us today.

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