Indiana’s Troubling Year-On-Year Spike in Motorcycle Fatalities


Did you notice as an Indiana resident the campaign conducted in April focused on
distracted driving?

State motorcyclists are certainly hoping that most passenger-vehicle drivers
across the state did.

They have good reason for that hope, of course. Motorcycle riders are a
riding population at outsized risk, being highly vulnerable to the mistakes
of other drivers on streets and highways.

And they pay a dear price when other motorists aren’t mentally locked
in like they should be when behind the wheel.

Here’s a sad and alarming statistic: The 144 biker/passenger deaths
reported in Indiana last year by a national safety group signified a 30
percent-plus jump from the 100 deaths that occurred in 2016. Reportedly,
that one-year rise for the Hoosier State was the highest among all states
in the country.

There are many reasons for that, of course, including some that obviously
call out the need for more careful driving from select motorcyclists.

Year after year, though, a common culprit centrally emerges as a prime
contributory factor in crashes that seriously injure and take the lives
of motorcyclists and their passengers. Unsurprisingly, that is
the third-party negligence of drivers in larger vehicles.

“If it were up to me,” says a motorcycle shop owner and long-time
rider, “I would disable the text function on a phone while it’s
in motion.”

His fears are certainly justified, and sadly borne out repeatedly on Indiana roadways.

The attorneys at the proven Indianapolis personal injury law firm of Tabor
Law strongly support every effort focused on making Indiana roads safer
for all users.

And we appreciate
the heightened risks posed to motorcyclists from inattentive and careless
drivers in other vehicles
. Our legal team brings nearly a century of experience to bear obtaining
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