Indiana University at Center of New Advance in TBI Research


Traumatic brain injury is a complex and most challenging medical condition. It cannot be seen
in the way that many other maladies can be, of course. Moreover, third
parties are often prone to dismissing the complaints as well as misunderstanding
the behaviors of TBI victims. And head-related injury symptoms can last
for years, even a lifetime.

We note the challenges on our website at Tabor Law Firm. From our offices
in Indianapolis, our deep legal team of personal injury attorneys represents
TBI victims and their families with knowledge and empathy.

Our commitment is also driven by an unwavering goal to secure clients’
maximum legal recoveries in every case. The importance of that can’t be overstated; we underscore
on our site that “the recovery period can take a long time and be
difficult for both the patient and the family.”

One commonly cited concern regarding TBI is that victims often have problems
properly processing and dealing with their emotions.

The medical term for that is “alexithymia,” with symptoms reportedly
existing in many individuals having even mild TBIs. Researchers have worked
diligently for years to improve diagnosis and treatment methods to help
patients more effectively deal with processing their feelings.

They now have what seems to be
a powerful new tool to promote that goal. It is an interactive app called My Emotional Compass, which was developed
after long effort by a research team at the Indiana University School
of Medicine.

The app is now widely available in stores. As an article discussing it
in depth notes, it “takes users through a series of questions and
helps them identify how they are feeling in response to certain scenarios.”

That can be critically important, because TBI victims often don’t
readily know with confidence how they should optimally be interpreting
and responding to new experiences and situations.

The app has proven utility for helping them identify and process emotional
behaviors in a nuanced way. Its creators encourage its use in collaboration
with a trained professional, such as a psychologist.

Tabor Law attorneys strongly support all research efforts and results that
promote a better understanding and treatment of traumatic brain injury.
And we proudly play a role in helping victims obtain strong and meaningful
remedies that improve the quality of their lives.


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