Greenwood woman needlessly dies as a result of a semi-truck accident

Someone cuts you off on the interstate, you get angry. Backed up traffic is causing you to experience a mild case of road rage. You desperately want to put space between your vehicle and the angry driver behind you. Often, road rage results in some yelling among vehicle occupants, but unfortunately on Friday, a potential case of road rage may have taken a woman’s life.

Tailgating was the cause of an accident on the Southside of Indianapolis that resulted in the death of a Greenwood woman this past Friday, February 20th. Indiana State Police reported that an unidentified driver in a black vehicle was tailgating Tamara Hacker of Greenwood, causing her to accelerate, which resulted in a fatal collision between her Kia Soul and a semi-truck. It is suspected that this was an incident of road rage according to the Indianapolis Star. She later needlessly lost her life at Eskenazi Hospital on Monday, February 23rd as a result of this preventable collision. Both a passenger and witness indicated Hacker was forced to speed up due to the tailgater according to the investigation. Unfortunately, at this time the only known information about the tailgater is that he or she was in a black vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

Hacker rear ended the semi. Is Hacker at fault for the accident? Who should be held liable for this preventable fatal crash that cost a woman her life? How can Tamara Hacker’s family get justice from this devastating collision?

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