Funny to Read About – Not Funny to Be in


It is unbelievable the dangers we waltz through every day without being injured.

Last week, a team of forensic scientists announced they had found the product that sent nine people to the hospital and left one dead.

The killer product: a single bag of nacho cheese sauce, pulled from a snack shelf at a California convenience store.

The cheese bag was the source of heated cheese people squirted onto their chips. The bag was contaminated with botulism.

Botulism can lead to breathlessness, paralysis, and eventually death. Many victims spend weeks or months in a breathing apparatus until the danger is over.

There are many stories like this. A dropped cigarette starts a car fire. A truck hauling concrete blocks tips over ahead of you. Two young people park on soft ground in a van, that slips into the lake beside them and drowns them. In Siberia, several drivers were struck by a giant meteor that incinerated them. Closer to home, a woman is rear-ended by a driver applying lipstick.

When you set out on a drive, you take numerous precautions. But you probably don’t warn yourself about snack foods. No safety rule could have prevented that injury.

We all have a tendency to tell ourselves, “I’m just going down the street to buy coffee.” But along the way, we are t-boned, or the brakes give out, or a storm knocks out an electric pole.

It’s important to remember that driving around in cars or motorcycles is not a normal thing. We’ve only been doing it for a little more than a century. Chaos is never more than a click away.

You can’t anticipate every weird thing that can happen on the road. But if you stick to the basics – driving defensively, buckling up, and keeping your vehicle decently maintained – you will have a better chance of avoiding a freak accident. Funny to read about — not funny to be in.

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