Motorcycle Accident Results

    • Tabor Helps Recover Lost Wages and Future Medical Bills after a Motorcycle Accident - Motorcycle Accident Confidential Recovery

      Our client sustained serious, permanent, and disfiguring injuries when a semi-tractor trailer slammed into his motorcycle on southbound I-465 in Indianapolis. The evidence from the motorcycle accident showed that the driver of the semi-tractor trailer was following our client too closely and was unlawfully attempting to pass him in the left lane. Our client was an Indiana State Trooper-- an occupation that requires exceptional physical fitness and strength, making our client's injuries especially devastating.

      Tabor Law Firm was able to assist our client in obtaining a recovery from Defendants that will help him with his past and future medical expenses, as well as compensate him for wage losses due to his injuries.

    • Motorcycle passengers often sustain serious injuries when a collision occurs - Motorcycle Accident Confidential Settlement

      Our client was a passenger on a motorcycle traveling in a westbound direction in Elkhart, Indiana. The Defendant, was attempting exit a parking lot when he suddenly pulled out of the parking lot in an attempt to turn left. He then crashed violently into the left rear side of our client's motorcycle. The force and severity of the impact caused our client to be thrown from the motorcycle, and ultimately resulted in a traumatic brain injury and orthopedic injuries.

      Tabor Law Firm was able to assist our client in obtaining a six-figure settlement from the Defendant's insurer as a result of her traumatic injuries.

    • 7 Figures For Disabled Motorcyclist And Additional Compensation For Spouse - Motorcycle Accident Seven-Figure Settlement

      Recovered a seven-figure settlement for a motorcyclist who was left permanently injured when a driver failed to yield the right of way. Because of the motorcyclist's 100 percent disability, Tabor Law Firm also secured an additional six-figure settlement for the man's wife.

    • Indiana residents injured out of state in a motorcycle accident suffer serious injuries - Motorcycle Accident Confidential Settlement

      Sometimes Indiana residents are injured while out of state. Tabor Law Firm represented a husband and wife who were injured in a motorcycle accident in Wethersfield, Connecticut. At that time, our clients were traveling in the right northbound lane, and at the same time a motor vehicle operator was also traveling northbound, but in the center lane. Unexpectedly, the motor vehicle operator made an unsafe lane change cutting across the right lane, and crossed the shoulder of the off ramp to exit the highway. As a result of this unsafe lane change, the front tire of our client's motorcycle made contact with the right rear bumper of the motor vehicle, causing our client to lose control of his motorcycle. Our clients were thrown off the motorcycle as it laid down on its left side and slid to the right shoulder, and were severely injured.

      The driver of the motorcycle was admitted into an Intensive Care Unit for 5 days with a lacerated left kidney, seven fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, a lacerated spleen, severe back pain and road rash. His wife, the passenger of the motorcycle also suffered a concussion, a right wrist distal fracture and a left ulnar fracture.

      Tabor Law Firm obtained a substantial settlement for both our clients from the at fault driver's insurance carrier, as well as our client's own automobile policy without filing a lawsuit. When Hoosiers are injured out of state, Tabor Law Firm can assist with bringing a claim.

    • Near Seven-Figure Settlement after a Motorcycle and Truck Collided - Motorcycle Accident Seven-Figure Settlement

      Our client was operating his motorcycle northbound on Pendleton Avenue at the entrance ramp to I-69 in Indianapolis, Indiana. At the same time, the Defendant, in the scope of his employment, was operating a pick-up truck and trailer southbound on Pendleton Avenue. While attempting to make a sudden left-hand turn, the Defendant drove directly into the path of our client causing a collision. The impact caused our client to be was forcibly thrown into and against the windshield of the Defendant's truck.

      This collision was the direct and proximate result of the careless and negligent acts and omissions of the Defendants, including, but not limited to, failing to keep a proper lookout for oncoming traffic, failing to yield the right-of-way to an oncoming vehicle, and attempting a left hand turn when it was unsafe to do so.

      As a result of this collision, our client sustained serious, permanent, and life-threatening injuries including dislocation and fracture of his left arm, torn ligaments in his left arm, fractured left thumb, multiple fractures of his right arm, lacerations to his hands and arms, closed head injury, lacerations to his eyelid and both his legs, lacerations to his left thigh, and a staph infection. Due to his injuries, our client missed several months of work.

      Tabor represented the injured motorcyclist and his wife and assisted them in obtaining close to a seven-figure settlement with Defendants.

    • Roadway defects cause serious injuries to motorcyclist - Motorcycle Accident Six-Figure Settlement

      Our client was operating a motorcycle when she lost control and was injured when the motorcycle went down. Her own insurance was not sufficient to cover all of her losses, and she reached out to Tabor Law Firm for help. Our investigators were sent to the scene of the collision and determined that another party was responsible for our client's injuries.

      When the accident occurred, our client was approaching the traffic signal on the west side of Interstate 69. Her motorcycle encountered irregularities and uneven pavement, causing the motorcycle to unexpectedly wobble and become difficult to steady and control. Her front tire then hit another patch of irregular and uneven pavement, turning the front wheel abruptly. Our client was then ejected from the motorcycle and sustained serious and permanent injuries.

      We sued the entity responsible for maintaining the roadways in a safe condition for all motorists and were able to obtain a six-figure settlement on our client's behalf.

    • Investigation into motorcycle and car collision resulted in multiple parties held liable for motorcyclist's injuries, and theref - Motorcycle Accident Confidential Recovery

      Our client was an Indiana State Trooper who was operating a motorcycle on interstate 70 through a construction zone when a driver pulled into his lane of travel, causing a collision. Our client was seriously injured and unable to work as a Trooper thereafter. The driver that caused the collision had recently purchased the vehicle involved in the collision, and his automobile insurance initially denied the claim because he had not obtained insurance for the new vehicle. We were able to change the insurance company's position and they paid the policy limits. Additional coverage and settlement was obtained from a carrier insuring the motorist at the time.

      During our investigation into the collision, our experts determined that the construction zone was dangerous and we made a claim against the Indiana Department of Transportation. We were able to make another recovery for our client by investigating all potential negligent parties. This case represents Tabor Law Firm's commitment to explore and obtain recoveries from all responsible parties on behalf of their clients.

    • Fountain County's negligence in maintaining roadways causes motorcycle accident, resulting in a man becoming a paraplegic. - Motorcycle Accident Six-Figure Settlement

      Our client was traveling on his motorcycle down East River Road in Attica, Indiana on April 26, 2015. He saw water on the roadway ahead, and reduced his speed to approximately twenty (20) miles per hour. Our client was not aware of the large potholes in the right-of-way until after he was injured; he thought he was just going to travel through a little water. Our client had almost gotten all the way around the area and was near the center of the road when his front tire hit the pothole. When his front tire hit the hole, he was thrown up and over his bike. Our client and his bike hit the ground, rolled, and the bike then struck him. After our client's bike struck his body, he slid and came to rest near the right side of the road.

      As a result of Fountain County's negligence in maintaining their roadway, our client became a paraplegic, and suffered from other orthopedic injuries as well.

      Tabor Law Firm obtained a six-figure settlement from the Defendants' insurance carriers.