Bullets failing to stay inside Precision Gun Range’s property grounds creating danger for Indiana families


Police are investigating the origin of bullets that have struck at least two homes over the past few weeks in Spencer, IN. The two homes that have been confirmed to have been struck by bullets are located north of Precision Gun Range located in Owen County. There are bullet holes or bullets on neighboring properties as well. At least one bullet has been traced by police from a path leading to the gun range, despite a tree line separating the gun range property from the residential area. The gun range owner stated she will not comment until investigation is complete.

There has already been one occurrence where home occupants were outside at the time a bullet crossed their property, striking their home-a major cause for concern. At this point it’s not if, but when will someone be injured.

No bullet should ever leave the gun range’s property grounds. Legally, it is the shooting range’s responsibility to maintain a safe environment. If bullets from this gun range continue to clear the berm separating the outdoor range from the homes, anyone from a bicyclist to a student exiting a school bus could be struck by a stray bullet-not to mention the residents of the homes themselves. Thankfully investigations are underway, and hopefully as a result more safety measures will be enforced.

Responsibility to maintain a safe environment is not limited to gun ranges. If you own a gun, it’s imperative that you know your legal responsibilities. If you or someone in your household owns a gun, under Indiana law, you have a duty to exercise “reasonable care” for guests while on your property. This includes protecting guests from foreseeable harm. If you knowingly allow dangerous activities to occur on your property you may be held liable depending on the circumstance.

Tabor Law Firm has represented a family of a 10 year old boy who was shot in the eye by a BB gun, while playing outside at a friend’s home-without supervision. In this case the homeowners were found negligent in not exercising “reasonable care” to protect their guest.

Tabor Law Firm has decades of experience working closely with Indiana’s best investigators, and our attorneys have recovered settlements for numerous clients who have been severely injured by gunshot wounds due to another party’s negligence. If you or a loved one find yourself injured from a gunshot or bullet because of someone else’s negligence, contact Tabor Law Firm today for your free consultation; we’re here to help you.


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