Biking Safety Is Everyone’s Business


With summer upon us, it’s biking time in Indiana. There is no better way to stay in shape and respect the environment than biking for your commute and pleasure. But it can be dangerous, particularly on city streets.

Unfortunately, biking injuries due to accidents are on the rise, according to the Indiana State Police. Here are some important precautions that drivers need to take to help prevent cycling accidents.

Why target drivers?

Cyclists are, by and large, very aware of the road. There are some key things which cyclists need to observe in order to stay safe. Chief among them is simply obeying traffic signs and signals, which apply to bikes as well. It’s also important to stay alert at all times, particularly in heavy traffic.

But the hazards are not as well known among drivers. Cyclists need to be strong advocates for a few simple rules that will make things safer.

What can motorists do?

There are many ways drivers can make the roads safer for cyclists. The most important is to never drive while distracted, either by a cell phone or by eating. Simply paying close attention to the road and watching for cyclists can make a big difference for everyone.

The other important habit to develop is the “Dutch Reach” when exiting your car. This is the technique of opening your door with your right hand, forcing you to turn and look behind you. When you are parked in the street, this will turn your attention to cyclists coming alongside. Injuries from “dooring,” or running into a hastily opened door are far too common.

Injured in a bike accident?

Unfortunately, there are far too many cycling injuries here in Indiana and around the nation. That’s why it’s important for everyone to practice and advocate cycling safety.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a cycling accident, it’s important to have an attorney with experience in the area on your side. Finding fault is often very difficult in these cases, so every detail often matters.

Stay safe out there, and enjoy the glorious Indiana summer on your bike!

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