Are Things Getting Worse Rather Than Better for Pedestrians?


Looking at the sad subject of pedestrian fatalities in Indiana and nationally
from the perspective of a single year provides limited — though obviously
important — information.

When accident outcomes suffered by walkers involved in vehicle collisions
are considered over a longer term, though, what is revealed can be far
more meaningful.

The national Insurance Institute for Highway Safety would like Americans
to focus on that over-time perspective to gain deeper insight into
the challenges that widely confront pedestrians across the United States.

The obstacles to safety are many and great, states the IIHS. And recently
supplied data from that organization indicate that safety is apparently
becoming a more perilous concern for walkers.

Consider this. In 2009, an estimated 4,109 pedestrians across the country
were killed in crash-related incidents. That number had spiked dramatically
to 5,987 in 2016 (the most recent year providing relevant information).
The IIHS points alarmingly at that 46% leap in fatalities within a few
short years, as well as the clear trend it signifies.

The stated reasons for increased challenges to walkers are many. The economy
has improved, which puts more drivers on streets and highways. The IIHS
cites an ever-growing of larger SUVs on roadways everywhere. More maintenance
and street design work needs to be done in many cities and towns to make
areas friendlier for walkers.

The Tabor Law Firm attorneys in Indianapolis are concerned about all those
things and other challenging realities that confront walkers across the
metro area and other parts of the state. Pedestrians are vulnerable and
need to be protected through all rational and lawful means.

That is what our proven legal team does through the aggressive advocacy
it has brought to bear on behalf of Indiana accident victims for many
years. We stand beside our valued clients every step of the way following
injuries they suffer owing to third-party negligence. Our representation
focuses always on obtaining maximum compensation for crash-linked injuries,
medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and other damages.

One of our recent blog posts provided relevant information on what steps
an injured victim might reasonably take following an accident, if able
to do so. We revisit that subject here, knowing it can be vitally important
for injured parties and their families.

We welcome contacts to our firm to discuss our strong and demonstrated
advocacy of injury victims.

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