Accident-Avoidance Technology Now Turning to Motorcycles


It shouldn’t come as front-page news that safety technology being
applied to passenger vehicles is now morphing over to motorcycles as well.
Some people might even question why new developments along that line have
taken so long to emerge.

After all, the safety issues facing motorcyclists and their passengers
are considerable. A recent article on
the installation of enhanced safety technology on motorcycles notes the peril of bikers being “exposed to the elements and operating
on two wheels instead of four.” That riding reality alone merits
focus on tech assists already common in four-wheel vehicles that might
be similarly useful for motorcycles.

No informed person is unaware that motorcyclists in Indiana and elsewhere
face huge risks from negligent drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration noted a fatality rate for bikers in a recent year that
was 28 times higher per every mile driven than for passenger-vehicle drivers.

New technology upgrades for bikes will hopefully pay dividends. A number
of crash-avoidance assists are being tested currently.

The element of human negligence will always persist and be a major factor,
though. Motorcyclists unquestionably suffer a comparatively high injury
and fatality rate that owes to third-party carelessness.

Questions or concerns regarding any motor vehicle crash involving the negligence
of one or more third parties can be directed to a proven personal injury
law firm. Experienced attorneys can provide strong legal representation
aimed at a maximum recovery.


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