Understanding Truck-Related Accidents

Commercial trucks and tractor-trailers have the potential to cause serious damage to other, smaller motor vehicles on the road – not to mention the serious injuries that may result. It is important that drivers are aware of the common causes of these accidents so that they can better understand and avoid them.

One of the major causes of trucking accidents is that the truck driver is inexperienced and has not received enough training on how to properly operate the rig. This may cause the driver to improperly navigate difficult road conditions or incorrectly use the vehicle’s equipment.

Additionally, truck drivers may be fatigued due to rigorous schedules that do not allow for proper rest. Drivers are required to follow a strict set of federal regulations on driving and rest hours, but some may fail to follow these laws because they are held to unsafe operating expectations. Fatigued driving may cause delayed reaction time and create significant risk for all nearby vehicles and their passengers.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a truck accident and would like more information on your legal options, consult an experienced Indiana attorney with Tabor Law Firm.


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