Stop for School Buses Act


A new bill, introduced by Indiana Senator Todd Young, aims to protect students
as they get on and off the school bus.

The motivation behind
this bill stemmed from an incident in 2018 where
three children were killed in Rochester after a truck hit them while they
were trying to get on the school bus

Senator Young has announced the Stop For School Buses Act. This bill would
require states to re-evaluate their laws in regards to school bus passing,
review safety measures, and review driving educational materials in reference
to illegal school bus passing.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law earlier this month
that increased the consequences for drivers who illegally pass school
buses in Indiana. Starting July 1, the first offense could be a loss of
license for 90 days.

Indiana State Police said bus drivers across the state noted that every
time a driver passed them illegally during their morning and afternoon
routes for one day in April, the state total added up to more than 2,500

“The tragedy that occurred in Rochester is unimaginable, and my heart
breaks for the parents of those young children. We cannot allow this to
happen ever again,” said Senator Young. “The
Stop for School Buses Act will help prevent the illegal passing of school buses and keep our children
safe on their way to school.”

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