State Fair Train unlikely to operate in 2017

Last year State Fair attendees were extremely disappointed when news was released that the train that had been bringing fair goers from Northern suburbs to the fairgrounds for decades would not be operating due to track conditions and necessary repairs- estimated to cost millions. According to the Indiana Business Journal, the agency that oversees the State Fair train is looking for a partner to help operate the train; however it looks unlikely that the train will run in 2017.

As disappointing as it may be for families to miss out on this tradition yet again, Tabor Law Firm wants to remind Hoosiers that running the train on faulty, unrepaired tracks would be extremely dangerous not only to passengers onboard, but pedestrian areas located near the tracks as well if a derailment were to occur.  The Federal Railroad Administration reported eight fatalities from train accidents in 2016, and Indiana is one of the top five deadliest states for train accidents. Running the train for the fair simply isn’t worth the risk until repairs have been completed.

Cases of train derailments, crashes, and collisions with vehicles can be some of the most difficult legal cases due to the federal protection of rail road companies for certain types of crossings. When an accident occurs involving a train, the injured parties need experienced representation who already have established relationships with qualified railroad experts and attorneys who are ready to act fast. Tabor Law Firm has a successful history of handling train collision cases resulting in serious injury. If you or a loved one has been involved in a train accident, call us today. The initial consultation is free.


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