Stark Concern for Regulators Regarding Workplace Fatality Statistics


The federal government’s annual Fatal Occupational Injuries report is closely studied by safety regulators. The numbers for 2016 are now in.

And the regulators are not impressed.

In fact, they are deeply concerned. A leading official with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration sees “a tragic trend” concerning current workplace realities.

These two key points immediately jump out in the report:

  • Fatal injury outcomes in American workplaces have increased for three years running; and
  • Fatal injury rates have also spiked

Indiana OSHA officials and employers across the state will undoubtedly note the report well. Perhaps one statistic alone will especially grab their attention.

And that is this: Reportedly, there were 5,190 workplace-linked fatalities in the United States in 2016. That averages out to more than 14 deaths a day — every day of the year.

Many of our readers might not be surprised to hear that a high percentage of deaths occurred in transportation incidents. That industry routinely ranks as comparatively dangerous. Workplace violence and employee falls at construction sites (and other off-the-ground accidents) also brought many tragic outcomes.

We duly note on our website at the proven victims’ advocacy firm of Tabor Law in Indianapolis that many work-related fatalities are wrongful deaths caused by the negligent or reckless conduct of third parties.

Our attorneys diligently and compassionately handle every aspect of wrongful death claims for our valued clients. That includes a professional assessment of all responsible parties and aggressive representation focused on maximum recoveries.

We welcome official government reports on workplace safety, which spotlight an important concern in Indiana and nationally. And we know that improvement is always needed, along with meaningful recoveries for the families of victims who have tragically suffered.


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