President Spotlights Nation’s Serious Drunk Driving Problem


President Trump recently mentioned a safety problem of deep concern that
concerns motorists daily in Indiana and every other state.

The president wrote in a White House Proclamation that, “On average,
every 50 minutes, a person in the United States dies in a vehicle crash
involving alcohol.”

Clearly, the president spotlights a problem of vast dimensions in his focus
on drunk driving and its terrible consequences for legions of individuals
and families across the country.

We fully share the concern due to the number of personal injury and
wrongful death victims we have represented for decades following an accident caused by
an impaired driver.

That is tragic and unacceptable, because DUI-related crashes are fully
preventable absent another motorist’s negligent and irresponsible
behavior. When people don’t drink before turning on the ignition,
roadways in Indiana and nationally are far safer for everyone.

President Trump directly noted that in his proclamation, which designated
December as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. He pointed to
the stunning statistic stressing that more than 10,000 people died on
U.S. roads last year in crashes involving alcohol.

Certainly there are things that can be done to promote safety for non-impaired
individuals negotiating streets and highways across the state and nationally
as well, whether they are other passenger-vehicle drivers, motorcyclists,
bicyclists or pedestrians.

Tougher legal enforcement against drunk drivers is a start, of course.
The president also mentions improved technology and strong educational
efforts targeting drunk driving and its dire outcomes.

Reasonable people everywhere can get on board with those measures. Tabor
Law attorneys certainly support them. And while we do so, our lawyers
routinely provide accident victims of drunk drivers with aggressive legal
representation that secures maximum legal recoveries against negligent
third parties who cause injuries.

We wish all our readers across Indiana safe traveling throughout the winter holidays.


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