Poor road conditions a serious danger to drivers

Twelve city crews got to work on last week in Indianapolis filling in as many potholes as possible before another winter storm hits according to the Indianapolis Star.

All drivers have been frustrated at some point by the pot holes wreaking havoc on Indiana roadways. Often, a driver may swerve into another lane to avoid hitting a damaging pot hole. Drivers may also suddenly reduce the speed of their vehicle to avoid a flat tire, which could result in a collision. Often there is no warning that the road ahead has surface defects and is hazardous to motorists.

What we know at Tabor Law Firm is that potholes or road defects cause accidents. These accidents can be minor; however Tabor Law Firm has had two recent cases of life changing injuries due to tragic accidents involving potholes. In one case, a pothole hidden from plain view caused the motorcyclist to lose control, and as a result of the accident, the motorcycle operator is now a paraplegic. Motorcycles in particular are at a greater risk and more susceptible to these types of accidents caused by road defects.

If you were to suffer a serious injury from an accident due to a road defect, the important thing to know is to reach out to an attorney early. Time is more pressing in these types of cases due to constantly changing road conditions, and specific time limitations for giving formal notice of a claim. The personal injury lawyers at Tabor Law Firm have over four decades of experience handling accidents resulting from road defects. Until all of the potholes can be repaired once warmer weather returns, Tabor Law Firm urges drivers to drive with caution. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has been involved in a crash caused by a road defect, including potholes, that has resulted in an injury or death, contact Tabor Law Firm immediately. The initial consultation is free.


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