OSHA Addresses a Top-Tier Indiana Construction Injury Concern


New safety initiatives authored by the federal Occupational Safety and
Health Administration tend to receive close scrutiny in Indiana.

There’s a clear reason for that, which we note on our website at
the established personal injury legal offices of Tabor Law Firm in Indianapolis.
We underscore on a page addressing
construction site accidents and injuries that Indiana is “a top-five state” for construction employment
and activity. That reality understandably prompts a keen focus on safety matters.

Of course, that focus doesn’t routinely translate into work conditions
that uniformly promote safe environments for construction workers. Those
employees recurringly suffer serious and, sadly, fatal injuries linked
with diverse activities. Common construction-linked injuries owe to falls,
workers being struck by objects, electrocution, machinery mishaps,
vehicle accidents and additional catalysts.

Today’s post reference to OSHA targets one quite specific concern, namely,
worksite dangers tied to excavation activities. Agency regulators have zeroed in on that topic because of a rise in so-called
“trenching” deaths. Reportedly, statistics from a recent year
show a sharp uptick from previous measuring periods.

That worrisome trend has brought action that should draw acute attention
from construction employers in Indiana and nationally. A new National
Emphasis Program spotlighting excavation/trenching went into effect last
week. It stresses prevention and a progressively ramped-up enforcement
response to negligent employer violators.

OSHA officials say that the program will continue indefinitely. Regulators
will follow an initial three-month educational launch with what could
be notably harsh penalties for outlier employers.

Construction injury matters are often complex, with the contributions of
proven pro-victim attorneys often being able to make a material difference
in a case. Tabor Law firm’s deep personal injury legal team welcomes
contacts from individuals and families having questions regarding any
aspect of a construction accident or injury.


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