Indiana State Trooper Raises Awareness of the Dangers of Distracted Driving


Many states are enforcing stricter rules and harsher punishments for distracted driving. Will Indiana catch up?

States like Kansas and Ohio have introduced legislation that would prohibit holding your phone, taking photos, texting, typing addresses in your GPS navigation—anything that involves holding your phone. Currently in Indiana only texting and emailing is prohibited by law.

Now considered an epidemic, distracted driving continues to receive national intention. According to the CDC, nine people are killed every day due to distracted driving. These are all completely preventable deaths, making them the most tragic. In 2017, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported 3166 lives taken due to distracted driving. Furthermore, it’s stated that texting and driving is six times more dangerous than drunk driving.

Indiana State Trooper Chris Hanson recently spoke out about distracted driving, sharing some of the unimaginable things people do while driving. Trooper Hanson has seen people not only texting, but Facetiming, applying makeup, watching movies, and even reading a book.

While the law has focused on banning cellphone related distractions, Trooper Hanson reminds us that distracted driving is a larger problem. Even scarier, Trooper Hanson indicated people were so distracted they didn’t even know they were operating a vehicle close to a law enforcement official.

Tabor Law Firm has represented numerous individuals tragically injured or killed by distracted drivers. In one such case, Tabor Law Firm represented a family who lost their children due to a truck driver watching a movie while operating his semi on the southside of Indianapolis resulting in a horrific accident.

As distracted driving continues to be a problem across the country, lawmakers may eventually consider banning additional distractions in addition to cell phone use. We urge drivers to please put down your phone, your eyeliner, book- whatever it may be, and focus on the task at hand. Driving.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to a distracted driver or other negligent act, contact one of the experienced Indiana accident attorneys at Tabor Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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